Township of Elizabeth, PA
Allegheny County
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[Ord. 798, 7/19/2004, § 1]
The Volunteer Fire Departments of Elizabeth Township and their membership are authorized by the Township of Elizabeth Commissioners to perform the following in addition to the normal fire-fighting, rescue, and emergency medical duties:
Participation in drills, practices, training sessions, meetings, and prefire planning activities authorized by the Fire Chiefs and supervised by a qualified instructor, or a Fire Department officer.
Participation in community celebrations, ceremonial observances and funerals for deceased fire fighters or other public figures where such attendance is deemed appropriate by the Fire Chiefs.
While performing duties necessary to prepare the Fire Station for use as a distribution center, temporary housing shelter in time of disaster, or a polling place for the primary and general elections. This is extended to include like services performed at other Municipality or School District buildings.
Preparation for and responsible participation in parades, provided that attendance has the prior approval of the Fire Department.
Any public service functions performed for the welfare of the community, including recovery of animals, as long as these activities are responsibly supervised and are sanctioned by the Fire Department.
Any and all public safety activities undertaken by Fire Department members to render care to the injured, prevent loss of life, provide comfort and security to victims, and limit or prevent damage to or loss of property as circumstances may dictate.
While rendering assistance to police officers, emergency medical services, another Elizabeth Township Fire Department which the member is not active, or where such aid is specifically requested or is done without request to protect the public welfare from imminent danger, including fire/police/emergency medical service duties.
Participation in fire prevention activities, postfire investigations, bomb searches, evacuation drills and fire lane enforcement.
While participating in public programs to promote health and safety, to enlist new members, or solicit community support, or conduct fund raising activities so long as no compensation is being paid to the member while engaged in the fund raising activity, 100% of the proceeds go to the Fire Department, and so long as each activity is sanctioned by the Fire Department.
While safely and responsibly performing maintenance and remodeling work on the Fire Department vehicles, buildings, grounds, or equipment.
Such other duties necessary for the efficient operation of the Volunteer Services as may, from time to time, be assigned by the Commissioners of Elizabeth Township and the officers of the Fire Department and as may be defined within the constitution and bylaws of the Volunteer Fire Departments.