Township of Elizabeth, PA
Allegheny County
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[Ord. 555, 8/4/1986, § 1]
As used in this Part, the term "temporary poster or sign" shall mean any paper, cardboard, wood or other type of surface with printed, pictorial or illustrative material thereon, prepared for the purpose of transmitting to the reader or observer any information or message. Such definition shall not include signs posted for the sale or lease of real estate.
[Ord. 555, 8/4/1986, § 2]
Prior to any person, firm or corporation placing any temporary poster or sign within the confines of any public right-of-way within the Township, there shall be posted with the Township Secretary a cash bond in the amount of $50.00. The amount of the cash bond may be altered from time to time by resolution of the Board of Commissioners as needed for the effective implementation of the purpose of this Part.
[Ord. 555, 8/4/1986, § 3]
At the time of posting of the cash bond required in § 102 of this Part, there shall be submitted to the Township, on a form supplied by the Township, the following information:
The name and address of a responsible person who is placing the temporary posters or signs, or who will be responsible for their removal.
The general nature and purpose of the posters or signs to be placed.
The date when the temporary signs or posters will be removed.
In no case shall any such temporary sign or poster be posted for any period longer than 40 days.
[Ord. 555, 8/4/1986, § 4]
If the temporary signs and posters are not removed within 10 days after the date it was declared to the Township that they would be so removed, or the date calculated in § 1 03(D) above, the bond posted pursuant hereto shall be forfeited to the General Fund of the Township.
[Ord. 555, 8/4/1986, § 5]
Nothing in this Part shall be construed to grant to any person, firm or corporation any license, permission or consent to post any temporary poster or sign within any right-of-way within the Township of Elizabeth.
[Ord. 555, 8/4/1986, § 6; as amended by Ord. 577, 8/1/1988, 2T]
Any person, firm or corporation violating the terms and provisions of this Part shall be guilty of a summary criminal offense and subject to a fine in the amount of at least $100.00 and not more than $1,000.00 and/or a term of imprisonment imposed at the discretion of the District Justice having jurisdiction of the matter not to exceed 90 days.