Charles County, MD
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted and amended as indicated in text.]
County Commissioners — See Ch. 27.
Scholarships — See Ch. 114.
School crossing guards — See Ch. 208.
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The Board of Education shall annually publish in a newspaper having a general circulation in the County a statement of all receipts and disbursements and a statement of the indebtedness of the Board at the close of the fiscal year.
Public school bus transportation authorized. All children who attend parochial or private schools in Charles County, which schools do not receive state aid, and who reside on or along or near to the public highways of Charles County on which there is now or hereafter operated a public school bus or conveyance provided by the Board of Education of Charles County for transporting children to and from the public schools of Charles County shall be entitled to transportation on said buses or conveyances, subject to the conditions hereinafter set forth, from a point on said public highways nearest or most accessible to their respective homes to a point on said public highways nearest or most accessible to their respective schools. Such transportation may be provided by the Board of Education, as aforesaid, for all the children attending schools described herein upon the same terms and conditions as now or as may be hereafter established by the Board of Education of Charles County for children attending public schools.
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Annual appropriation authorized; terms and conditions. The County Commissioners of Charles County are hereby authorized to appropriate annually to the Board of Education of Charles County, from any funds received by said Charles County for any general County purpose and not derived from any tax levied on real property, such sum as said Board of Education may request to enable it to defray any costs incurred by it in carrying into effect the provisions of Subsection A of this section and to establish new bus routes, in the discretion of the Board of Education of Charles County, for the transportation to and from school of children attending schools not receiving state aid. The transportation of children to and from schools not receiving state aid shall be upon such reasonable terms and conditions as the Board of Education and County Commissioners may from time to time determine, but in no event shall the amount charged children attending such schools for using said buses or conveyances be greater or less than the amount charged children attending the public schools for the same kind of transportation.
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Reciprocal agreements. The County Commissioners are authorized to enter into agreements with adjacent counties to provide transportation for pupils attending private or parochial schools, provided that the adjacent counties enact reciprocal agreements with Charles County.
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