City of Waltham, MA
Middlesex County
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[Gen. Ords. 1962, §§ 2-9, 2-96; Ord. No. 22195, §§ 2, 5, 2-26-1968; Ord. No. 30196, 6-27-2005]
There is hereby established a Recreation Department.
Cross references: Annual inventory of city property to be submitted to mayor and auditor, § 2-2; meetings of parks recreation board, etc., § 2-8; annual reports by boards and officers to mayor, § 2-9; turn over and accounting for funds, § 2-88; books and records to correspond to fiscal year, § 2-89.
[Gen. Ords. 1962, § 2-96; Ord. No. 22195, § 5, 2-26-1968]
Under the authority of Chapter 614 of the Acts of 1967 there is hereby established a Parks-Recreation Board.
[Gen. Ords. 1962, §§ 2-5, 2-97, 2-98; Ord. No. 22195, § 5, 2-26-1968]
The Parks-Recreation Board shall consist of nine members, one of whom shall be a member of the School Committee. The Mayor shall appoint, on or before the first Monday in February of each year, three members of the Board to serve for the terms of three years. Such members shall be subject to confirmation by the Council.
[Gen. Ords. 1962, § 2-99; Ord. No. 22195, § 5, 2-26-1968]
As soon as convenient after March 1 of each year, the Parks-Recreation Board shall meet and organize by choice of a Chairman from their own number, and a clerk not necessarily from their own number, to serve for one year, or until their successors are elected.
[Gen. Ords. 1962, §§ 2-97, 2-100; Ord. No. 22195, § 5, 2-26-1968]
The Parks-Recreation Board shall be vested with all of the powers and duties heretofore exercised and performed by the Board of Park Commissioners and the Recreation Board, or hereafter given to or imposed upon such boards.
Said Board shall have power to adopt rules of procedure and prescribe regulations, consistent with general laws and City ordinances, for the conduct of all business within its jurisdiction. Subject to the limit of funds appropriated therefor by the City Council, it shall employ and supervise such personnel as may be necessary to carry out its duties and to maintain and operate the various public parks, recreational parks and playgrounds, and any other park and recreational facilities of which they have or may be given charge.