City of Waltham, MA
Middlesex County
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Cross references: Jacob C. Whitney fund for purchase of books for public library, § 9-81 et seq.
State law reference—Public libraries, M.G.L.A. c. 78, § 7 et seq.
[Gen. Ords. 1962, §§ 2-8, 15-5]
There is hereby established a principal department to be known as the public library department.
The public library department shall consist of a city librarian, an assistant to the city librarian, and the following divisions, for each of which there shall be designated one (1) department head under the general supervision of the city librarian:
Circulation department.
Reference department.
Cataloguing department.
Children's department.
In addition, there shall be at least five (5) senior assistant librarians, and as many branch librarians, book mobile librarians, junior assistants and pages, secretarial, clerical and maintenance staff as may be needful for the proper conduct of the department.
Cross references: Annual inventory of city property to be submitted to mayor and auditor, § 2-2; annual reports by boards and officers to mayor, § 2-9; turn over and accounting for funds, § 2-88; books and records to correspond to fiscal year, § 2-89; library trustees-to be trustees of Jacob C. Whitney Fund, § 9-81.
[Gen. Ords. 1962, § 2-9]
There is hereby established a board of trustees of the public library.
[Gen. Ords. 1962, §§ 2-5, 15-1, 15-2]
The board of library trustees shall consist of six (6) members; two (2) members of the board of library trustees shall be appointed by the mayor on or before the first Monday of February in each municipal year to serve for three (3) years from the expiration of the term of the members then next outgoing. All members shall be subject to confirmation by the council.
[Gen. Ords. 1962, § 15-3]
The board of library trustees shall meet on the first Monday of March annually, or as soon thereafter as convenient, and organize by choice of a chairman and secretary, and shall keep a full record of its proceedings.
Cross reference — Meetings of board of library trustees, etc., § 2-8.
[Gen. Ords. 1962, §§ 15-1, 15-4]
The board of library trustees shall have the management and control of the public library and of the public library department. The shall make all needful rules and regulations concerning the public library and the use and management thereof.