Town of Pacific, WI
Columbia County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Pacific as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Plan Commission — See Ch. 81.
Town Board — See Ch. 114.
[Adopted 9-18-2012 by Ord. No. 2012-26]
The Town Board may at any time create whatever committees and commissions that it deems necessary. Currently, the following commissions and standing committees have been created and are in effect: Town Plan Commission.
The committees and commissions of the Town Board shall be appointed by the Town Board Chairperson, subject to confirmation by the Town Board. The appointments to each standing committee and commission shall be made at the annual organizational meeting of the Town Board or at such other times as such appointments shall come before the Board. Committees and commissions shall review such matters as may be referred to them by the Town Board and shall submit recommendations for Town Board action. No person not a legal resident of the Town of Pacific may serve on any Town committee or commission.
Every committee and commission created by or existing under the ordinances of the Town of Pacific shall:
Fix a regular date, time and place for its meeting;
File all meeting notices with the Town Clerk, who shall cause the notice to be sent or delivered to the official newspaper in advance of each meeting in full compliance with the Open Meeting Law[1] requirements; and
Editor's Note: See §§ 19.81 to 19.98, Wis. Stats.
Post at the Town Hall an agenda of the matters to be taken up at such meeting.
Nothing in § 17-3 shall preclude the calling of a special meeting or with dispensing with the publication of notice or such posting of the agenda, for good cause, provided such special meetings shall comply in all respects with the provisions set forth in §§ 19.81 to 19.89, Wis. Stats.
All committees/commissions are subunits of the Town Board and shall not perform any executive or administrative Town function other than as specifically authorized by ordinance or policy adopted by the Town Board.
Each committee/commission shall give the full Town Board a report on all matters referred to it. Such report shall recommend a definite action on each item and shall be approved by a majority of the committee/commission members present. Each committee/commission report shall include the date, time and place of the meeting and the members attending. Each such committee/commission report, verbal or written, is deemed to be the product of the entire committee/commission, whether any item therein is approved unanimously or not. Each such report should provide all necessary historical background to familiarize the Town Board with the issue.
In case of ambiguity or apparent conflict between the preceding definition of committee/commission authority and a definition in this Code of the authority of a Town officer, employee, board or association, the latter shall prevail.
All Town officers shall, upon request of the chairperson of any committee/commission, confer with the committee/commission and supply such information as the committee/commission may request upon any pending matter.
[Adopted 6-16-2015 by Ord. No. 2015-7]
Composition. The Board of Review shall consist of the Chairperson and Town Board Supervisors. The Town Board may appoint an appointed Town Clerk who is a resident of the Town of Pacific to the Board of Review. An appointed Town Clerk who is not a resident of the Town of Pacific may not be appointed to the Board of Review. If the appointed Clerk is not a resident of the Town or if the Town Board does not wish to appoint a resident Clerk to the Board of Review, the Town Board shall appoint a citizen of the Town to serve on the Board of Review.
Duties. The duties and functions of the Board of Review shall be as prescribed in the Wisconsin Statutes.
Clerk of Board of Review.
The Town Clerk, when serving on the Board of Review, shall keep an accurate record of all of its proceedings as well as perform all other duties of such Clerk as are prescribed by law or directed by the Board of Review.
In the absence of a Clerk as designated by Subsection C(1), the Board of Review shall select one of its members as Acting Clerk of its proceedings, who shall perform all of the duties of Clerk of the Board of Review.
Meetings. The Board of Review shall meet annually, as prescribed by statute, at the Pacific Town Hall. The Board shall establish its meeting hours pursuant to statute. The Board may adjourn from day to day or from time to time, until such time as its business is completed, provided that adequate notice of each adjournment is so given. Notice of such meetings shall be published pursuant to statute.
Compensation. Members of the Board of Review shall be compensated at the rate as set by the Town Board.