Town of Pacific, WI
Columbia County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Board of the Town of Pacific 10-16-2012 by Ord. No. 2012-44. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Licenses and permits — See Ch. 278.
Building code enforcement — See Ch. 412.
This chapter is entitled the "Campground Licensing and Regulation Ordinance."
This chapter is adopted in accord with §§ 60.10(2)(c), 60.22(3) and 61.34(1) and (5), Wis. Stats., pursuant to which the Town Board is authorized to adopt police power ordinances for and on behalf of the health, safety, welfare and convenience of the public by necessary and convenient means.
The provisions of this chapter shall apply to the owner and to the operator, if other than the owner, of any campground. "Campground," for the purposes of this chapter, means any parcel or tract of land owned by a person, entity, the state or a local government, which is designed, maintained, intended or used for the purpose of providing sites for nonpermanent overnight use, which by virtue of its usage for that purpose is deemed to be a campground under state law and/or under county ordinance.
It shall be unlawful for any person or entity to establish, operate or maintain, or permit to be established, operated or maintained upon any property owned, leased or controlled by him/her/it, any campground within the limits of the Town of Pacific without first having obtained a license for such campground from the Town pursuant to this chapter. Such license shall expire June 30 of each year but may be renewed under the provisions of this chapter for additional periods of one year.
The application for such license, or the renewal thereof, shall be filed with the Town Clerk at least 60 days before the date the license period or renewal period is to commence and shall be accompanied by a fee as established by resolution adopted by the Town. In addition, applicant shall be responsible to reimburse the Town for the inspection costs that it incurs in regard to the inspection(s) performed relating to the application for the license or renewal of the license.
Application; plan.
The application for a license or a renewal thereof shall be made on forms furnished by the Town Clerk and shall include the name and address of the owner(s) in fee of the tract (if the fee is vested in some person other than the applicant, a duly verified statement by that person that the applicant is authorized by applicant to construct or maintain the campground and to apply for the license), and the legal description of the premises upon which the campground is to be or is located. The application shall be accompanied by two copies of the campground plan (hereinafter "campground plan") showing the following, either existing or as proposed for licensing, which shall be subject to review and approval by the Town Board:
The layout of the campground, including the following:
Location of campground roadways and driveways.
Setbacks from any public road and from other exterior boundary lines.
Number and location of the sites to be rented.
Use and location of buildings affixed to the real estate.
Location of designated parking, storage, retail, recreational and waste disposal areas.
The following operational information:
Method and plan of sewage disposal.
Method and plan of recycling and removal and storage of garbage.
Method and plan for water supply.
Plan for handling of stormwater.
Plan for controlling light emanating from the campground.
Plan for controlling smoke emanating from the campground.
Plan for controlling noise emanating from campground.
Plan for handling traffic entering and exiting the campground.
Once the campground has been licensed under an approved campground plan, then on any renewal application the applicant may incorporate by reference the then existing approved campground plan. However, if the applicant seeks on the renewal application to license the campground under a revised campground plan, then the applicant shall submit the proposed revisions to the campground plan with its renewal application.
During the term of the license, the campground plan may be altered or modified if an application covering such alteration or modification is submitted to and approved by the Town Board and if all other governmental approvals are obtained that are required in order to implement that proposed change in the campground. The applicant shall pay a review fee, to be set by the Town in a separate resolution, in regard to any proposed change in the campground plan, as well as reimburse the Town for all inspection fees incurred by the Town in regard to such review.
In addition to the campground plan provided for above, the application packet submitted to the Town shall also include the following:
A copy of all licenses and permits relating to the campground operation in effect from any state agency or department and all permits in effect from Columbia County.
A copy of the most recent inspection reports from any state and/or county inspection authorities.
If any inspection during the preceding twelve-month period has resulted in any warning, complaint, citation or other legal action relating to the campground, the applicant shall also include a copy of the records relating to those issues and an explanation of the status of those issues and the corrective actions, if any, taken to address those issues.
A copy of the campground's disaster/emergency response plan.
The Town, in its consideration of the license application, may issue the license under the application as submitted, issue the license subject to conditions/modifications, or may deny the license application. If the Town, on a renewal application, denies the license application or approves it subject to conditions/modifications, then the applicant shall be entitled to a hearing, as provided under Chapter 278, Licenses and Permits.
No campground license shall be issued until the Town Engineer and/or Town Building Inspector have reviewed each application and inspected the premises on which the campground is located or is proposed to be located. No license will be renewed without a reinspection of the premises. Further, at all reasonable times during the term of the license, the campground and its facilities shall be open to inspection by the Town Engineer and/or the Town Building Inspector to ensure compliance with this chapter, the approved campground plan and all applicable governmental regulations.
Once the campground plan is approved and the license issued, compliance with that plan, as approved, shall be deemed to be a condition applicable to that license, and the campground operator shall operate the campground in compliance with that campground plan. If in any compliance inspection it is determined that the campground is not in compliance with the approved campground plan or any other applicable governmental rules or regulations of the Town, the Town may suspend or revoke such license, as provided under Chapter 278, Licenses and Permits, and shall have such other remedies as may be provided by law.
Anyone violating this chapter, in addition to other remedies provided by law, shall be subject to abatement by a restraining order or injunction issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.
The Town Board is hereby authorized to revoke any license issued pursuant to this chapter in accordance with Chapter 278, Licenses and Permits.