Borough of Morris Plains, NJ
Morris County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
MUNICIPAL LANDS — As used in this chapter shall mean lands owned by or under the jurisdiction or control of the Borough, including any lots, parks, easements, or right-of-way for streets, sidewalks or municipal utilities such as sanitary sewers and storm sewers.
As used in this chapter shall mean any individual; partnership; corporation, whether for profit or non-profit; association, whether incorporated or unincorporated; or public utility company.
As used in this chapter shall mean shade tree or ornamental tree.
The shade tree commission of the Borough has jurisdiction of the trees on municipal lands covering an area ten feet inside of the normal curb line or edge of road.
If any tree or part thereof and beyond but adjacent to this area becomes dangerous to the public safety, the property owner at this location shall remove such tree or required part thereof forthwith upon written notice of the shade tree commission.
No person, shall do or cause to be done any of the following acts upon municipal lands within the Borough without a written permit from the shade tree commission:
Cut, trim, break, climb, disturb the roots of, or otherwise injure or spray with any chemical or remove any living tree, shrub, or injure, misuse or remove any structure or device placed to support or protect such tree or shrub.
Plant any tree or shrub.
Fasten any rope, wire, electrical attachments, sign or other device to a tree or shrub, or any guard about such tree or shrub.
Close or obstruct any open space provided about the base of a tree or shrub that will obstruct the access of air, water or fertilizer to the roots of such tree or shrub.
Pile any building material, debris, or make any mortar or cement, within ten feet of a tree or shrub.
Build or place any stone or concrete sidewalks within 15 inches from any tree measured at the existing grade level of main trunk.
Any person having control over any wire for the transmission of electrical current or telephone service on public municipal land in the Borough shall at all times guard all trees through which, or near which, such wire passes, against any injury from the wire or from the electric or phone service carried by it. The device or means used shall in every case be subject to approval by the shade tree commission.
No person shall excavate around any tree upon municipal lands within a distance of three feet from the main trunk measured at grade level or ten (10) inches for each one inch diameter trunk measured at grade level, whichever is the greater.
No person shall pour or permit to come in contact with the trunk or roots of any tree or shrub upon any municipal lands in the Borough any oil, gas or other substance injurious to plant life, nor place or permit to be placed within 20 feet a contrivance containing the same.
No person shall prevent or interfere with any lawful work undertaken by the shade tree commission of the Borough or its authorized agent.
[Ord. No. 24-74, § 1]
No tree upon municipal lands shall be removed until a permit has been obtained. Applications for permits shall be made in triplicate and submitted to the shade tree commission. Each application shall state the name, address, and telephone number and give the location and reason for the removal. The shade tree commission will then take such a request under advisement and notify the applicant.