Town of Southington, CT
Hartford County
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[Amended 3-13-1989]
Whenever the Chief of Police or his designee finds, on the basis that special commercial, religious, municipal entertainment or civic events are about to take place, that traffic conditions will make it necessary that parking within the paved portion of the highway or adjacent thereto be curtailed, he may declare a special parking restriction. While the restriction is in effect, no person shall park or allow to remain parked any motor vehicle on any portion of any highway to which it applies.
The Police Chief or his designee shall cause each declaration made pursuant to this article to be publicly announced by publishing notice thereof in a newspaper having general circulation within the Town not less than 24 hours prior to the effective date of the restriction. Such notice shall state the dates of the restriction, time (if so limited), highways covered by the restriction, and the remedies for violation thereof.
On each street designated by the Police Chief as hereinbefore provided, appropriate signs shall be posted at intervals not exceeding 1/4 mile. Signs posted in accordance with this section shall be distinctive and uniform in appearance as set forth in the parking restrictions as in effect and shall be plainly visible and readable to persons traveling on the street or highway.
[Amended 10-9-2012]
Any person violating provisions of this article shall be fined. Any vehicle parked in violation of the restriction may be towed away and impounded by order of the police. No person shall recover any such vehicle without first paying the fine and all costs of towing and storage. Towing costs will be consistent with current rate schedules noted in police regulations and storage fees. Vehicles will be ultimately disposed of as noted in either Connecticut General Statutes or after six months, whichever is sooner. Fines are listed in the Fine Schedule, § 37-2 of this Code, and posted on the Town of Southington website.
In any prosecution or action under this article, proof that the defendant was at the time of the violation the registered owner of such vehicle shall constitute prima facie evidence that the defendant was the person who parked or left the vehicle in violation of the provisions of this article.
[Amended 2-14-2005; 6-11-2012]
The Town Council finds that prohibiting dogs, leashed or unleashed, skateboards, in-line skates, roller blades, bicycles, scooters, whether gas-powered, battery-powered or push, or any other motorized vehicle to be allowed in an area including a public road or sidewalk that has been closed to registered motor vehicles by the Chief of Police or his designee will greatly reduce the risk of physical injury to pedestrians wishing to enjoy a special event.
No person or persons shall utilize a skateboard, in-line skates, bicycle, roller blades, scooter, whether gas-, battery- or manually powered, or any other motor vehicle device, including, but not limited to, mini motorcycles, mopeds, etc., on any Town road or adjacent sidewalk or any roadway which has been closed to registered motor vehicle traffic by the Chief of Police or his designee for a special event.
This section shall not apply to the following:
Any motor vehicle or bicycle owned and operated by any division of the Town of Southington, including but not limited to the Southington Police Department and the Southington Fire Department.
Any motorized or nonmotorized wheelchairs or any device to be used by the physically handicapped.
Any police dogs under the jurisdiction of the Southington Police Department, as well as dogs being used by handicapped persons, including but not limited to dogs for the sight impaired, hearing impaired and dogs that are certified therapy animals.
[Amended 10-9-2012]
Any of the above items mentioned which are actively participating in a parade or other organized function.
Penalties for offenses. Any person or parent or guardian of an underage person who violates this section shall be fined. Fines are listed in the Fine Schedule, § 37-2 of this Code, and posted on the Town of Southington website.