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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2008 §225.100; Ord. No. 2257, 10-12-2004; Ord. No. 2305, 2-28-2006]
No new signs shall hereafter be erected or constructed and no existing signs shall be enlarged, altered or relocated, except in conformity to the provisions of this Chapter and only upon issuance of a proper permit.
Exceptions. The following types of signs do not require a permit as long as they comply with the limitations set forth in this Chapter:
Garage sale signs complying with the provisions of this Chapter.
Real estate signs complying with the provisions of this Chapter.
Campaign signs complying with the provisions of this Chapter.
Non-commercial signs complying with the provisions of this Chapter.
Identification signs for any governmental building or facility.
Official signs for control of traffic and other regulatory purposes, danger signs and signs of public service companies indicating danger and aids to service or safety which are erected by or on order of a public officer in the performance of his/her public duties.
Memorial signs or tablets, names of buildings and date of erection when cut into any masonry surface or when constructed of bronze or other non-combustible materials.
A professional name plate/plaque/sign not exceeding two (2) square feet in area directly attached to a building.
Warning signs of whatever size as may be necessary, which warn the public of the existence of a danger, but containing no advertising material. Said are to be removed upon subsidence of danger.
Temporary signs relating to site specific construction or announcement of renovation complying with the provisions of this Chapter.
Certain Signs Related To The Subdivision Of Land. Any monument sign identifying a subdivision entry, subdivision name or street names and locations within a subdivision shall be approved and constructed in accordance with the provisions for such signs in Chapter 405 "Subdivision" of this Code.
[R.O. 2008 §225.110; Ord. No. 2257, 10-12-2004]
A permit shall be issued by the Building Official following any necessary review and approval by the Planning and Community Design Commission in accordance with procedures set forth in this Chapter; Chapter 425, Community Design—Generally; Chapter 428, Community Design—Olive Boulevard Corridor; or Article XI of the Zoning Ordinance, Site Plan Review.
No owner of property on which a sign is to be installed shall initiate the installation or cause any such act without first obtaining all required permits therefore. Additionally, no contractor shall commence work on said installation prior to the issuance of all required permits.
No permit shall be granted until after an application has been filed with and a permit issued by the Building Official, said application shall include the application fee and the plans and specifications showing location, materials, details of construction, including loads, stresses and anchorage, as well as the verbiage and symbols proposed to be used.
Before a permit can be granted for the installation of any sign, the application shall be signed by the owner or owners of the property granting permission to applicant to install the sign.
The Building Official may prescribe suitable regulations not inconsistent with the provisions of this Chapter concerning the form and content of all applications for the various types of permits herein required.
[R.O. 2008 §225.120; Ord. No. 2257, 10-12-2004]
All signs shall comply with this Chapter and any conditions imposed upon the sign permit.
No alteration or enlargement may be made to the sign without a new permit; however, the changing of movable parts of a sign approved hereunder, which is designed for such changes or the repainting or reposting of display matter, shall not require an additional permit hereunder, providing the conditions of the original approval and the requirements of this Chapter are not violated.
[R.O. 2008 §225.130; Ord. No. 2257, 10-12-2004]
Notwithstanding provisions of this Article, the Building Official may issue a temporary sign permit for the erection and maintenance for a limited duration of a banner. The written request shall specify the type, location, materials and method of installation of the banner requested and other information required by the Building Official, including an inspection fee in accordance with Section 500.100 of this Municipal Code. No permit shall be issued unless the Building Official finds that the requested banner will be in substantial compliance with this Chapter and that issuance of the banner will not be contrary to the public health, welfare, safety or morals by reason of size, location, materials, illumination, method of installation or other feature of the requested banner which would adversely affect surrounding properties. Temporary sign permits issued under this Section shall be valid for not more than twenty-one (21) days. Temporary sign permits may be granted one (1) additional extension for up to seven (7) days at the discretion of the Building Official upon written request as set forth above. No more than two (2) temporary sign permits may be issued per calendar year. Upon expiration of a temporary sign permit, the permit holder shall remove the banner immediately.
[R.O. 2008 §225.140; Ord. No. 2257, 10-12-2004]
The City Council may revoke any sign permit, after notice and hearing, if it is shown that the sign violates any condition of the sign permit, violates any provision of this Chapter, Zoning Code, Building Code or which has been secured by subterfuge or is void or which has been issued by mistake, misunderstanding or error of the City.