City of Union, MO
Franklin County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2012 §700.010; CC 1992 §24-1; Rev. Ords. 1926 Ch. XIV Art. I]
The City, being the sole and exclusive owner of the entire water and sewer system, reserves the right to and does hereby prescribe the conditions upon which it will permit or grant to any person the privilege to tap any of its water or sewer pipes or mains and use the water, or withhold such privileges if need be, and, in case any act shall be wrongfully committed or thing done by any person holding a grant of such privilege, in violation of any of its ordinances relating to its system of water and sewer works, then such privileges may at the option of the City be suspended, abridged or revoked. All water and sewer privileges extended to any person shall be by ordinance duly passed by the Board of Aldermen and approved by the Mayor, and all rights and privileges not so conferred are hereby withheld.
[R.O. 2012 § 700.020; CC 1992 §24-2; Ord. No. 719 §§1 — 2, 6-6-1955]
The waterworks and the sewer system of the City, and all future improvements and extensions thereto, shall be combined and operated and maintained as a combined waterworks and sewer system.
[R.O. 2012 §700.030; CC 1992 §24-3; Ord. No. 796 §1, 4-1-1957]
It is unlawful for any person to cause or permit rainwater to be discharged into the sanitary sewer system of the City by means of downspouts or by any other method or means.
[R.O. 2012 §700.050 ; CC 1992 §24-5; Ord. No. 225 §2, 12-9-1935]
Any person connecting a private sewer to any of the public sewers of the City without first having obtained a permit from the City Clerk so to do shall be guilty of an ordinance violation.
[R.O. 2012 §700.060; CC 1992 §24-6; Ord. No. 743 §§2 — 3, 11-15-1955]
Any owner of property upon which there is located any building for human habitation or occupancy shall be required to make connection with the sewer system of the City for the disposal of all human and other sewage, provided sewer service is available to the property.
Permits for the construction or repair of any building shall be granted only on evidence that the applicant has complied with the provisions of this Section.
[R.O. 2012 §700.070; CC 1992 §24-7; Ord. No. 1752 §§1 — 4, 12-15-1986]
It shall be unlawful to place any type of obstruction or construct any type of building on permanent utility easements that lawfully belong to the City, unless prior written approval is obtained from the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.
Violation of this Section will result in the City removing the obstruction at the owner's expense, and a fine of not less than one hundred dollars ($100.00) and not more than five hundred dollars ($500.00) shall be imposed by the Municipal Court.
Nothing in this Section shall be construed to change the common law of the State as it relates to the responsibilities of the parties as to construction upon and over an existing utility easement.
The provisions, regulations and criminal penalties of this Section shall not apply to those individuals who have placed obstructions or buildings upon easements on or before the date this Section becomes effective.
[R.O. 2012 §700.080; CC 1992 §24-19; Rev. Ords. 1926 Ch. XIV Art. II §5]
Any person who shall, without lawful authority from the City, open or hitch any animal to any hydrant, service pipe, stopcock or valve belonging to or connected with the system of waterworks, or who shall injure, deface, obstruct or impair the waterworks or sewer system or any part thereof at and within the City or at any point along the line of the mains and pipes outside of the limits and within the lawful jurisdiction of the City, in any manner, or by any means whatsoever, shall be deemed guilty of an ordinance violation.
Cross Reference — As to damaging or interfering with facilities of sewage works, §710.170.
[R.O. 2012 §705.090; CC 1992 §24-23; Ord. No. 740 §2, 11-15-1955; Ord. No. 2881 §1, 2-9-2004]
All bills for water and/or sewer service shall be due and payable from and after the date such bills are rendered on the first (1st) day of each month, at the office of the City Collector or other place designated by the Board of Aldermen, during regular hours of business. Bills paid after the fifteenth (15th) of the month are subject to a ten percent (10%) late fee.
[R.O. 2012 §705.100, 710.050(B); CC 1992 §§24-26, 24-40; Ord. No. 741 §5, 11-15-1955; Ord. No. 742 §3, 11-15-1955; Ord. No. 1493 §§4, 7, 1-17-1977; Ord. No. 2034, 2-10-1992; Ord. No. 2056 §1, 7-13-1992; Ord. No. 2881 §2, 2-9-2004; Ord. No. 3630 §1, 2-14-2011]
If any bills for water and/or sewer service shall be and remain as long as thirty (30) days past due and unpaid, service to such customer shall be discontinued and the owner(s) of property shall be notified and shall not be reconnected until all past due bills are paid in full, together with a reconnection charge of thirty dollars ($30.00). It shall be the duty of the City Collector to notify the Director of Public Works of such delinquency and such Director of Public Works or such City employee as the Director of Public Works may designate shall proceed immediately to disconnect water service.
In those instances where the customer is a sewer and trash customer only and does not have a connection available to the City water service, the following applies to delinquent bills:
If any bill for sewer services shall be and remain past due and unpaid for as long as thirty (30) days, the City may install a valve at the lateral connection to the main and sewer service shall be disconnected or, if a valve has already been installed for the property, then sewer service shall be disconnected.
Prior to the installation of the valve and/or disconnection of sewer services, the City shall provide the delinquent customer a fifteen (15) day written notice of the valve installation and/or service disconnection. If the account remains past due and unpaid at the end of the fifteen (15) day notice period, the City shall install the sewer valve and/or disconnect the sewer service.
Sewer services shall not be reconnected until all past due bills for both sewer and trash are paid in full, together with a reconnection charge of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00).
Once a sewer connection valve has been installed by the City, subsequent reconnection charges shall be thirty dollars ($30.00).
Upon any customer receiving two (2) fifteen (15) day notices within any six (6) month period and paying prior to the end of the fifteen (15) day notice period and prior to the valve installation, the City may elect to install a valve with a charge of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) to be taxed as follows: The City Clerk shall cause a special tax bill therefor against the property to be prepared and to be collected by the Collector with other taxes assessed against the property; and the tax bill from the date of its issuance shall be a first (1st) lien on the property until paid and shall be prima facie evidence of the recitals therein and of its validity, and no mere clerical error or informality in the same, or in the proceedings leading up to the issuance, shall be a defense thereto. Each special tax bill shall be issued by the City Clerk and delivered to the Collector on or before the first (1st) day of June of each year. Such tax bills if not paid when due shall bear interest at the rate of eight percent (8%) per annum.
It shall be the duty of the City Clerk to notify the Director of Public Works of the combined waterworks and sewer system of any delinquency in the payment of a sewer bill, and the Director of Public Works or such City employee as the Director of Public Works may designate shall proceed as outlined above to install the valve and disconnect the sewer service to the premises.