City of Union, MO
Franklin County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — As to combined waterworks and sewer system, §700.020; as to damaging or interfering with sewer system, §700.070.
Article I Sewer Service

Section 710.010 Charges for Sewage Disposal.

Section 710.020 Measurement of Water Use — Installation of Water Meter for Premises Receiving Water From Source Other Than City.

Section 710.030 Free Service.

Section 710.040 Reading of Water Meters and Rendering of Bills — Charge for Sewer Service to Be Added to Water Bill.

Section 710.050 Application for Sewer Service — Connection Charge Generally.

Section 710.060 Charge for Connection to Sanitary Sewer System.

Article II Sewage Disposal

Section 710.070 Definitions.

Section 710.080 Deposit of Objectionable Waste — Discharge of Polluted Water to Natural Outlet.

Section 710.090 Use of Privies, Septic Tanks, Etc. — Connection to Public Sewer.

Section 710.100 Penalty for Violation of Article.

Section 710.110 Private Sewage Disposal Systems.

Article III Use of Public Sewers

Section 710.120 Permit Required for Connection or Other Work.

Section 710.130 Building Sewer Permits.

Section 710.140 Installation of Building Sewer.

Section 710.150 Discharges to Sewers and Natural Outlets.

Section 710.160 Right of Entry.

Section 710.170 Damaging or Interfering With Facilities of Sewage Works.

Article IV Pretreatment of Solid Waste

Section 710.180 General Provisions.

Section 710.190 General Sewer Use Requirements.

Section 710.200 Pretreatment of Wastewater.

Section 710.210 Wastewater Discharge Permit Application.

Section 710.220 Wastewater Discharge Permit Issuance Process.

Section 710.230 Reporting Requirements.

Section 710.240 Compliance Monitoring.

Section 710.250 Confidential Information.

Section 710.260 Publication of Users in Significant Non-Compliance.

Section 710.270 Administrative Enforcement Remedies.

Section 710.280 Judicial Enforcement Remedies.

Section 710.290 Miscellaneous Provisions.