City of Fenton, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2006 §265.010; Ord. No. 1688 §1, 7-12-1993; Ord. No. 1914 §1, 11-20-1995]
The following words, when used in this Chapter, shall have the meanings set out herein:
A person who uses an alarm system to protect any building, structure, facility or premises.
Any mechanical or electrical device which is designed to be actuated manually or automatically upon the detection of an unauthorized entry, intrusion, or other emergency in or on any building, structure, facility, or premises through the emission of a sound or transmission of a signal or message.
Any activation of an alarm system intentionally or by inadvertence, negligence or unintentional act to which the City responds, including activation caused by the malfunction of the alarm system. The following shall not be considered false alarms:
When a Police Officer determines that an alarm has been caused by the malfunction of the indicator at the City.
When a Police Officer determines that an alarm has been caused by damage, testing or repair of telephone equipment or lines by the telephone company or severe weather provided that such incidents are promptly reported to the telephone company.
When an alarm is caused by an attempted and unauthorized or illegal entry, of which there is visible evidence.
When an alarm is intentionally caused by the Alarm User acting under a reasonable belief that need exists to call the City.
When an alarm is followed by a call to the City canceling the alarm by giving proper information, prior to the arrival of the City at the source of the alarm.
[R.O. 2006 §265.020; Ord. No. 1688 §1, 7-12-1993; Ord. No. 2311 §1, 6-19-2000]
All false alarms to which the City responds shall result in the following service charge to the alarm user:
A warning for the first (1st) false alarm in any calendar year.
A twenty-five dollar ($25.00) service charge for the second (2nd) and any subsequent false alarm in any calendar year.
Upon determination by the City that a false alarm has occurred and a service charge is due, the City shall send a notice to the alarm user of the determination and directing payment within thirty (30) days.
The City shall cancel any notice or service charge upon satisfactory proof by the alarm user that a particular alarm falls within the exceptions enumerated in Section 240.010.
Willful refusal to pay any such service charge within thirty (30) days of the notice shall constitute a violation of this Chapter, but in any prosecution under Section 240.010 Subsection titled "False Alarm", for violation of this provision, the City shall prove, in addition to the willful refusal to pay, that the service charge was properly imposed.