Jefferson County, MO
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Order of 5-2-2009 §104.010; Ord. No. 10-0269 §1, 7-7-2010]
There is established a Violations Bureau within the Department of Administration to assist the Circuit Courts with the clerical work in traffic cases.
The Violations Bureau shall have the duties enumerated hereunder and such other and further duties as may be imposed upon it by law and by the Director of Judicial Administration.
Accept designated fines and costs and issue receipts therefore.
Maintain records of all moving violations of which each person has been guilty during the preceding twenty-four (24) months, whether such guilt was established in court or by payment of a fine in the Violations Bureau.
Whenever any person charged with an offense, which is payable at the Violations Bureau, shall fail to appear and pay his/her fine and costs in the time prescribed, the Bureau shall notify the County Municipal Prosecutor for appropriate action.
[Order of 5-2-2009 §104.020; Ord. No. 10-0269 §1, 7-7-2010]
Any person charged with a violation for which payment may be made to the Violations Bureau may within thirty (30) working days after receipt of arrest notice pay a designated fine and costs therefore to the Violations Bureau except that costs shall not be charged for parking violations. The payment of a fine and costs to the Violations Bureau shall be deemed an acknowledgment of conviction of the alleged violation.
Except as indicated as "must appear", the schedule of violations, together with fines and costs for them, are the only violations which may be satisfied by payment to the Violations Bureau. The schedule shall be attached as Schedule V and is to be established by the Municipal Judge.