Jefferson County, MO
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 20-0245, 4-27-2020]
The Jefferson County, Missouri, Council hereby recognizes the need for and hereby authorizes burials of a person deemed to be a pauper and/or indigent as determined by the County as follows:
The County shall, on an annual budgetary basis and at other times as required, allow for such sums as it shall think reasonable, for the funeral expenses of any person who shall die within the County without means to pay for such funeral expenses; and
The County shall purchase land when needed, upon Council approval, to provide for pauper burials and shall continue to maintain land and/or cemeteries currently being used for this purpose; and
A person deemed to be a "pauper" or "indigent" shall be a deceased person who died in Jefferson County and who has been deemed, at the sole discretion of the County, as someone who has no sufficient property, assets or familial relations to furnish themselves a proper burial; and
The Jefferson County Public Works staff in conjunction with the County Counselor shall assess and determine indigent or pauper status to determine whether means to provide for burial services shall be available. Resources assessed shall include, but not be limited to, the estate of the deceased, funeral allowances provided by social security, V.A. or any other public or private benefit due the deceased, or if any family member or other person is required by law to provide for the burial of the deceased or is able to so provide; and
The County shall take whatever steps or actions are necessary to notify any person, State agency and/or the State Anatomical Board as required by law; and
The County shall take steps to obtain a commitment from licensed morticians to provide burial services in accordance with the standards set by the County, for a fee specified and agreed to by the mortician and the County and subject to budgetary considerations for the same.
[Ord. No. 20-0245, 4-27-2020]
The County Executive, Public Works Staff or their designees are authorized to take whatever steps are necessary and to execute any and all documents and take whatever administrative actions are necessary to carry out the intent of this Article pursuant to the authority granted by this Article.