City of Owensville, MO
Gasconade County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross Reference: As to streets, sidewalks, etc., Ch. 515 of this Code.
[R.O. 2011 § 510.010; R.O. 2010 § 510.010; CC 1975 § 903.01; 2nd Ser. Ord. No. 120 § 1, 5-5-1980]
No person shall dig or excavate in or under any City street or alley in any manner whatsoever without first obtaining a permit therefor as provided in this Chapter.
[R.O. 2011 § 510.020; R.O. 2010 § 510.020; CC 1975 § 903.02; 2nd Ser. Ord. No. 120 § 1, 5-5-1980]
Any person needing to dig or excavate in or under a City street or alley shall first apply to the Public Works Director or his/her designee for an excavation permit. The permit application shall be on a form approved by the Board of Aldermen and shall state the size of excavation required and the reason therefor, the estimated time the surface will be disrupted and traffic flow restricted, if any. The applicant shall post a bond in sufficient amount, as determined by the Public Works Director to guarantee the repairs herewith and the proposed excavation will be performed at no cost to the City.
[R.O. 2011 § 510.030; R.O. 2010 § 510.030; CC 1975 § 903.03; 2nd Ser. Ord. No. 120 § 1, 5-5-1980]
All costs of repairing a street or alley necessitated by any such excavations shall be borne by the person applying for and receiving the excavation permit referred to by Section 510.020.
If the required repairs are made, completely and satisfactorily, then the bond shall be returned in full. If the repairs are not so made, then the City may make any required repairs and deduct the cost thereof from the bond. If the cost of repairs made by the City exceed the amount of the bond, the applicant will be billed for and thereby responsible for any excess costs.