City of Owensville, MO
Gasconade County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2011 § 716.010; R.O. 2010 § 716.010; Ord. No. 614 § 1, 10-19-1998]
The purpose of these guidelines is to set forth the criteria by which the Board of Aldermen can determine whether or not to allow premises situated outside the City to connect to the City's water and sewerage system.
[R.O. 2011 § 716.020; R.O. 2010 § 716.020; Ord. No. 614 § 1, 10-19-1998]
In order to be approved, a property owner who desires to connect to the City's water and/or sewerage system must submit an application in writing to the Board of Aldermen which complies with the following:
The property to be served is not able to be voluntarily annexed into the corporate limits of the City because it is not compact and contiguous to the existing corporate boundaries. If, at anytime in the future, the corporate limits of the City are extended so that the property to be served is compact and contiguous, the then owner of the property shall immediately upon being notified of same by the City file a petition for voluntary annexation.
The applicant must provide an affidavit (sworn statement) that he/she has attempted to persuade other adjoining property owners to join in a voluntary annexation so that the compact and contiguous requirement of Missouri law can be met, but that all adjoining property owners have refused to join such voluntary annexation.
That the property proposed to be served by City services cannot be served by a private well and/or septic tank in the manner required by Missouri DNR regulations.
Once the application has been submitted to the Board of Aldermen, the Board shall refer the matter to the City Engineer for verification of the items set forth in the application. The City Engineer shall report back to the Board his/her findings and recommendations. If the City Engineer reports favorably on the application, the Board shall direct the City Clerk to notify the applicant of such and shall also inform the applicant of the amount of connection fees, impact fees and what the monthly charges shall be.
All lines (water or sewer) constructed on private property situated outside the corporate limits shall be installed in accordance with City requirements and shall be constructed under the supervision of a representative of the City.
[R.O. 2011 § 716.030; R.O. 2010 § 716.030; Ord. No. 614 § 1, 10-19-1998]
Once installed and connected, the lines serving properties outside the City limits shall remain the property of the property owner and any repair or maintenance cost associated therewith shall be the sole responsibility of the property owner. Prior to connecting to the City's lines, the property owner, at the property owner's expense, must provide to the City a utility easement granting to the City the right to enter upon the subject property for the purpose of making any repairs which the City deems necessary, either due to an emergency or because the property owner has failed to do so. Prior to connecting to the City lines, the property owner must also execute a contract with the City for the provision of such services, and at the time such contract is executed, the property owner must also tender to the City all impact and connection fees. Said contract shall also provide that the property owner consents to a lien being placed against the subject property for any unpaid charges for service or repair.
[R.O. 2011 § 716.040; R.O. 2010 § 716.040; Ord. No. 614 § 1, 10-19-1998; Ord. No. 742 §§ 1 — 2, 8-5-2002]
Prior to any user being connected to the water or sewerage system of the City of Owensville, the user who has applied for such connection shall pay an impact fee to the City of Owensville in order to permit the City to recover the cost of the increased demand placed upon the City's water and/or sewerage systems. The amount of the impact fee shall be determined by the Board of Aldermen at the time the application for service is made and shall be based upon what the cost of constructing a septic system would be for the existing or declared use of the properly to be served. In determining such cost the City Engineer shall obtain estimates and shall present same to the Board of Aldermen for the final determination. Such impact fee is a one time payment which is non-refundable and which shall also include the reasonable charges of the City Engineer incurred in obtaining and evaluating estimates. The impact fee shall be deposited in the water and sewerage system fund. No user shall be permitted to connect to the City's water and/or sewerage system without first having paid or arranged for paying said fee. The term "user," as contemplated herein, shall mean a single water and/or sewerage connection to one (1) structure. If more than one (1) user is on the subject premises, then an impact fee shall be required of each such user. In no event shall an applicant or user be permitted to change the type of use being made of the subject property from the original or declared use without first notifying the City. In the event that the City Engineer determines that the new use would have a greater impact than the existing or declared use, the City Engineer shall report such finding to the Board of Aldermen for further review. The Board of Aldermen shall have the right to require additional payment if it believes that the new use would have a greater impact.
[R.O. 2011 § 716.050; R.O. 2010 § 716.050; Ord. No. 614 § 1, 10-19-1998]
In addition to the impact fee as required by Section 716.040, any user shall also be required to pay the same connection fees as are charged residents of the City for the same service. It shall be the users sole responsibility to pay for all labor and materials necessary to install and connect water and sewer lines to the City's system.
[R.O. 2011 § 716.060; R.O. 2010 § 716.060; Ord. No. 614 § 1, 10-19-1998; Ord. No. 1033 § 3, 6-15-2009]
The charges for services provided shall be as follows:
Water connection only: Double water rates.
Water and sewerage connection: Double water/double sewer.
Sewerage only: Ten thousand (10,000) gallons — double sewer.
[R.O. 2011 § 716.070; R.O. 2010 § 716.070; Ord. No. 614 § 1, 10-19-1998]
In the event any user breaches the contract required by Section 716.030 or if any user is more than thirty (30) days late in paying any service charge required hereunder, the City shall have the right to take whatever action necessary to disconnect the lines and discontinue services.