City of Florissant, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
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In accordance with Sections 315.140 and 355.130, parking at all times shall be prohibited in the fire lanes of the following shopping centers, commercial locations, churches and schools. (6/98—Fire Lane Section was reassembled by street for easier location of property)
Charbonier Road, 660: Florissant Presbyterian Church
Charbonier Road, 936: St. Sophia Geriatric Center
Charbonier Road, 1755: St. Ferdinand School
Charbonier Road, 1830: Lawson School
Charbonier Road, 2109—2169; Christian Hospital Plaza
Civic Center Drive, No. 1: Florissant Civic Center
Clemens, 500: St. Catherine Apartment Complex
Cougar Drive, 14205: Cross Keys Junior High
Cross Keys Shopping Center, 280: Cross Keys Shopping Center (New Halls Ferry and North Highway 67)
Derhake Road, 955: Robinwood School
Derhake Road, 1555: Church Alive
Derhake Road, 2700: Commons Lane School
Dunn Road, 55: Hampton Inn
Dunn Road, 180: Meyer's House/Barn Deli
Dunn Road, 845: St. Thomas Aquinas High School
Dunn Road, 1475: Storage Banc Florissant
Dunn Road, 1811—1851: Waterford Plaza
Dunn Road: Grandview Plaza Shopping Center
Dunn Road: Dunn Road and Plaza Duchesne: Duchesne Village Shopping Center
Dunn Road: Summerwood Condominiums
Dunn Road: Waterford Square (formerly London Town Shopping Center)
Dunn Road and Graham Road: Esse Medical
Flower Valley Shopping Center, 175 (North Highway 67 and New Halls Ferry): Shop 'N Save
Graham Road, 315: St. Mark's Methodist Church
Graham Road, 1150: Christian Hospital Plaza—POB I
Graham Road, 1225: Christian Hospital Northwest
Howdershell, 305: Koch Swimming Pool
Howdershell, 315: J.F.K. Community Center
Howdershell and Flordawn: Woodlands Plaza
Humes Lane, 1250: Walker School
Industrial Court, 10: Spinning Wheels Roller Rink
Jana Lane, 405: Jana School
Jefferson and St. Louis Street: Sacred Heart Church and School Complex
Lafayette, South, 1350: North American Martyrs
Lindsay Lane, 890: Wat Phraseriratanaram
Lindsay Lane, 975: McCurdy School
Lindsay Lane and North Highway 67: Florissant Oaks Shopping Center
Mullanphy Road, 2015: Lusher School
Mullanphy Road, 2705: Mary Grove School
Mullanphy Road and Shackelford: Mullanphy Gardens Shopping Center
New Florissant Road North, 1285: Atonement Lutheran Church
New Florissant Road North, 1555: DeSmet Apartment Complex
New Florissant Road North, 1785: New Social Security Office
New Florissant Road North 2180: Crest Bowl
New Florissant Road North and North Highway 67: Flo-Lin Corner Shopping Center
New Florissant Road South, 100: Duchesne School
New Florissant Road South, 275: Bangert Swimming Pool
New Florissant Road South 1425: Assembly of God Church
New Florissant Road South, 1896: McCluer Senior High School
New Halls Ferry Road, 13585: Halls Ferry School
New Halls Ferry Road, 13605: Florissant Church of Christ
North Highway 67, 1025: Florissant Valley Baptist Church
North Highway 67, 1103—1149: Rallo Plaza
North Highway 67: 2520—2586: Surrey Plaza I
North Highway 67 at Coldwater Creek: Listed in Code as 900 block of Highway 140
North Highway 67 and Florval: Flor-Val Shopping Center
North Highway 67 and New Halls Ferry Road: Flower Valley Shopping Center
North Highway 67 and New Halls Ferry Road: Lowe's
North Highway 67 and North Waterford: Paddock Plaza Shopping Center
North Highway 67 and St. Denis: Florissant Meadows Shopping Center
North Highway 67 and Patterson Road: Florissant Plaza
North Highway 67: Stallone Plaza
North Highway 67 and Trotterway: Surrey Meadows
Paddock Drive, 1325: Church of the Master
Parker Road, 2300: Faith Christian School
Parker Road, 2650: St. Dismas Church
Parker Road, 2675: Parker Road Baptist Church
Parker Road, 2800: Parker Road School
Patterson Road, 3—22: Patterson Plaza
Paul Drive and Charbonier: Paul Plaza
St. Catherine, 245: Florissant Valley Sheltered Workshop
St. Catherine Street, 3350: St. Thomas the Apostle Church
St. Catherine Street, 3500: St. Thomas the Apostle School and Church
St. Francois, 955: Florissant City Hall
Shackelford, 1605: Hazelwood Junior High
Swallow Drive, 1625: St. Sabina School
Thunderbird, 1740—1772: Boston Square Shopping Center
Washington, 1625: Christ the King Lutheran Church
Washington, 4500: Our Lady of Fatima School
Washington, 4575: AMF Bowling Center (Dick Weber Lanes)
Washington and Derhake: Washington Square
Washington at St. Anthony Lane: Handyman Plaza
Waterford, 705: McCluer North High School
Waterford Drive, 1005: Ferguson Florissant Administration Center
Waterford Drive, South, 1500: Grandview Gardens Apartments
Fire lanes shall be marked and maintained by the owners as directed by the Director of Public Works in the location as shown by the plats on file in the office of the City Clerk.
All fire lanes shall be a minimum of eighteen (18) feet wide; and shall be properly marked on the pavement and by appropriately spaced wall or post signs.