City of Florissant, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 2944 § 5, 7-8-1974]
There shall be the following administrative departments: Finance, Law, Police, Health, Parks and Recreation, Public Works, and such other departments as may be created by ordinance.
There shall be the following boards and commissions: City Planning and Zoning Commission, Personnel Commission, Board of Adjustment and such other boards or commissions as may be authorized by law or ordinance. Members of boards and commissions shall serve without compensation, but funds shall be provided in the annual budget for the payment of the reasonable and necessary expenses to be incurred by such boards and commissions.
All departments, boards and commissions shall have such powers and perform such duties as are prescribed by law or by this Charter or, as may be prescribed by ordinance, not inconsistent with law or Charter provision. Nothing herein shall be construed as to prevent the Council from authorizing the execution of any contract between the City and any other governmental body or public agency for the rendition of any service or function assigned by the Charter to a department of the City.
Each board and commission shall maintain a written journal of its proceedings, said journal to be open to public inspection, and may establish such rules of procedure and organization as it deems necessary, not inconsistent with this Charter, law or ordinance.
[ Ord. No. 2944 § 6, 7-8-1974]
At the head of each department there shall be a director who shall be an officer of the City and who shall have supervision and control of the department. Department heads shall be appointed and may be removed by the Mayor and shall receive such compensation as shall be fixed by ordinance.
The Council may remove a department head with the affirmative vote of seven (7) members. Department head dismissal proceedings shall take place at a regularly scheduled Council meeting, at which the department head shall have the opportunity to be heard in person and by counsel.
Before entering upon the duties of his office, every department head shall take, subscribe and file with the City Clerk an oath or affirmation that he has all the qualifications prescribed by this Charter for the office he is about to assume; that he will support the constitution and laws of the United States and of the State of Missouri and the Charter and ordinances of the City of Florissant, and that he will faithfully perform the duties of his office.
All officers and employees receiving, disbursing, or responsible for City funds, and such other officers and employees as the Council may designate shall, before entering upon the duties of their office or employment, give bond to the City. Official bonds shall be in such sums and with such sureties as shall be prescribed by ordinance. They shall be conditioned upon the faithful and proper performance of duties and upon the prompt accounting for and paying over to the City of all monies belonging to the City that may be received. If any person appointed to any office or employment shall fail to give bond as herein required, he shall forfeit such office or employment. The City shall pay the premiums on all such bonds.
The department of parks and recreation shall be headed by the director of parks and recreation. The director shall be responsible for the:
Management and control of all parks, park facilities and recreational facilities owned or operated by the City.
Management and promotion of all City recreational programs and activities.
Formulation and submission to the Council of proposed rules and regulations for the proper use and protection of all City recreational areas and facilities and the administration of such regulations as may be prescribed by ordinance.
Issuance and revocation of all licenses to use park and recreational areas and facilities in accordance with ordinance standards.
Editor's Note—Section 5.7 was repealed by § 7 of Ord. No. 2944, adopted July 8, 1974.
There shall be a Police Department, consisting of the Chief of Police and department personnel.
The department shall be headed by the Chief of Police who shall be appointed on the basis of his administrative abilities and his qualifications as a law enforcement officer. The department shall have all of the powers conferred by ordinance and by law upon Police Officers of constitutional or special charter Cities, Cities of the first, second, third or fourth class, or any population group.
The Health Department shall be headed by the Director of Health. He shall have general supervision over all matters relating to public health within the City. It shall be his duty to:
Enforce all ordinances relative to the preservation and improvement of the public health.
Establish and maintain such activities and clinics as are necessary to promote the public health.
Supervise the inspection of all facilities within the City at which commodities for human consumption are produced, processed, stored or sold.