City of Marshfield, MO
Webster County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2014 §120.310]
When a fine is assessed for violation of an ordinance, it shall be within the discretion of the Judge assessing the fine to provide for the payment of the fine on an installment basis under such terms and conditions as he/she may deem appropriate.
[R.O. 2014 §120.320; Ord. No. 1055 §1, 1-22-2004; Ord. No. 1353 §II, 10-23-2008]
In addition to any fine that may be imposed by the Municipal Judge in any case filed in the Marshfield Municipal Division of the 30th Judicial Circuit Court, and in addition to all other fees authorized or required by law, there shall be assessed as costs the following:
Costs of Court in the amount of twelve dollars ($12.00).
Police Officer training fee. A fee of three dollars ($3.00) is hereby established and assessed as additional Court costs in each Court proceeding, except that no such fee shall be collected when the proceedings against the defendant have been dismissed.
Two dollars ($2.00) of each such Court cost shall be transmitted monthly to the Treasurer of the City and used to pay for Police Officer training as provided by Sections 590.100 to 590.180, RSMo. The City shall not retain for training purposes more than one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500.00) of such funds for each certified Law Enforcement Officer or candidate for certification employed by the City. Any excess funds shall be transmitted quarterly to the City's General Fund.
One dollar ($1.00) of each such Court cost shall be sent to the State Treasury to the credit of the Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission Fund created by Section 590.178, RSMo.
Crime Victims' Compensation Fund. An additional sum of seven dollars fifty cents ($7.50) shall be assessed and added to the basic costs in Subsection (1) of this Section, provided that no such cost shall be collected in any proceeding when the proceeding or the defendant has been dismissed by the Court. All sums collected pursuant to this Subsection shall be paid at least monthly as follows:
Ninety-five percent (95%) of such fees shall be paid to the Director of Revenue of the State of Missouri for deposit as provided in Section 595.045.5, RSMo.
Five percent (5%) shall be paid to the City Treasury.
Other costs, such as for the issuance of a warrant, a commitment, or a summons, as provided before the Associate Circuit Judge in criminal prosecutions.
Actual costs assessed against the City by the County Sheriff for apprehension or confinement in the County Jail.
Mileage, in the same amount as provided to the Sheriff in criminal violations, for each mile and fraction thereof the officer must travel (both directions) in order to serve any warrant or commitment or order of this Court.
Any other reasonable cost as may be otherwise provided by ordinance including, but not limited to, costs of confinement, including any necessary transportation related thereto, medical costs incurred by the City while a defendant is in City custody, and costs related to the arrest and testing of any person for any intoxication-related traffic offense as set out in Subsection (8) hereof.
Reimbursement of certain costs of arrest.
Upon a plea or a finding of guilty of violating the provisions of Sections 342.020 or 342.030 of this Code or any ordinance of the City of Marshfield involving alcohol- or drug-related traffic offenses, the Court may, in addition to imposition of any penalties provided by law, order the convicted person to reimburse the Police Department for the costs associated with such arrest.
Such costs hereby authorized shall include the reasonable cost of making the arrest, including the cost of any chemical test made as authorized or required by law or ordinance to determine the alcohol or drug content of the person's blood, and the costs of processing, charging, booking and holding such person in custody.
The Chief of Police shall establish a schedule of such costs hereby authorized and shall submit the same to the Municipal Judge. However, the Court may order the costs reduced if it determines that the costs are excessive.
Upon receipt of such additional costs authorized by this Subsection, the City Treasurer shall retain such costs in a separate fund to be known as the "DWI/Drug Offense Cost Reimbursement Fund". Monies with such fund shall be appropriated by the Board of Aldermen to the Police Department in amounts equal to those costs so collected and shall be used by such department specifically to enhance and support the enforcement and prosecution of alcohol- and drug-related traffic laws within the City.
Work/Construction Zone. Any person who is convicted or pleads guilty to a speeding violation or passing/overtaking a vehicle in a work/construction zone when there was any person present performing duties in the work/construction zone and appropriate signs were posted stating "Warning: $250 fine for speeding or passing in this work zone" shall be assessed a fine of two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) in addition to any other fine assessed; except that any person assessed the two hundred fifty dollar ($250.00) fine shall not also be assessed the thirty-five dollar ($35.00) fine for any of the following offenses in a construction or work zone: any moving violation or violation of speeding, leaving the scene, careless and imprudent driving, operating without a valid license, operating with a suspended or revoked license, obtaining a license by misrepresentation, driving while intoxicated, under the influence or BAC, any felony offense involving the use of a vehicle, or failure to maintain financial responsibility.
Shelter for victims of domestic violence. In addition to any fine or other costs that may be imposed by the Municipal Judge, there shall be assessed as costs in all cases for violations of ordinances of the City of Marshfield, Missouri, the sum of up to four dollars ($4.00) for area domestic violence shelters. This fee shall be transmitted monthly to the Treasurer of the City of Marshfield, Missouri.
In addition to any cost which may be assessed by the municipal division pursuant to statute, ordinance or court rule, in every proceeding filed in the municipal division of violation of an ordinance, a surcharge of seven dollars ($7.00) shall be assessed. Such surcharge shall also be assessed in cases in which pleas of guilty are processed in Violations Bureau. No such surcharge shall be collected when the preceding or defendant has been dismissed by the court, when costs are waived, or when costs are paid by the City. Such surcharge shall be collected by the Municipal Court and transmitted monthly to the Missouri Director of Revenue to the credit of the Missouri Statewide Court Automation Fund as provided in Section 488.012.3(5) and Section 488.027.2, RSMo.
Sheriffs' Retirement Fund. A surcharge of three dollars ($3.00) shall be assessed and collected payable to the Sheriffs' Retirement Fund created in Section 57.955, RSMo.