City of Marshfield, MO
Webster County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2014 §515.010; Ord. No. 342 §1, 11-10-1977]
The term "Culvert" as used in this Chapter shall include all drainage devices placed in ditches or waterways abutting public roadways, which said devices affect or allow the passage of surface effluent and storm water through, around or over said devices, whether closed or not.
[R.O. 2014 §515.020; Ord. No. 342 §2, 11-10-1977]
No culvert, as heretofore defined, shall be erected, installed, and/or constructed upon any property abutting an alley or public roadway in the City of Marshfield without first obtaining a Culvert Permit from the duly appointed Building Inspector of said City. No charge shall be made for said Permit. No Permit shall be issued unless there is filed in the office of said City Building Inspector an application, upon City forms provided for that purpose, designating the exact proposed location of said culvert, the exact dimensions and material of said culvert, the name, telephone number, and address of the person, firm or corporation who proposes to construct or install said culvert, the depth, width, length and general topography of the ditch or waterway located upon the property of applicant in which said culvert is proposed to be located, and a cash bond, if required by subsequent provisions of this Chapter. The City Building Inspector shall not issue a Culvert Permit unless he/she be satisfied, both from the facts contained upon the face of the application aforesaid, and upon a visual inspection of the proposed culvert site, that the proposed culvert:
Shall be of sufficient size and appropriate shape, as determined by the contour of the ditch or waterway in which said culvert is proposed to be located, to permit the free and uninterrupted flow of surface effluent through said culvert without jeopardizing the alley or public roadway abutting said waterway, and without jeopardizing other property, or the ditch or waterway in which it is proposed to be constructed;
Is constructed of material of sufficient strength and durability to reasonably last a minimum of twenty (20) years of ordinary and expected use in the proposed location;
Shall be permanently set, installed, and/or constructed in place in such a manner as to conform with the slope of natural drainage in the ditch or waterway in which said culvert is proposed to be installed and in such a way as to permit free and uninterrupted flow of surface effluent through it, and is covered or buttressed, if necessary, by a sufficient quantity of appropriate material as is necessary to complete said installation.
A Culvert Permit shall expire ninety (90) days after issuance.
[Ord. No. 1827, 10-11-2018]
Responsibility of maintaining drainage through culverts shall be that of the Street Department of the City of Marshfield. Responsibility of maintaining the culvert, including subsequent replacement thereof, and the responsibility of maintaining the driveway approach, shall be that of the property owner.
Where it is determined that it is necessary to install culvert pipe in a driveway approach (whether newly established or not) in order to maintain adequate drainage, the property owner shall be responsible for the purchase of the culvert pipe. Purchased culvert pipe shall be installed by the Street Department of the City of Marshfield in accordance with the requirements and fees set forth in Subparagraph (10) of Paragraph (E) of Attachment 1 to Chapter 500 of the Marshfield City Code.