City of Smithville, MO
Clay County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 1991 § 715.010; Ord. No. 649 § 1, 11-8-1976]
All construction and extension of water mains in the City of Smithville, except such extensions that are constructed directly by the City, shall be performed in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter.
[R.O. 1991 § 715.020; Ord. No. 649 § 2, 11-8-1976]
Any person desiring to construct such water main extension and connect such main or mains to the City water supply shall submit to the Building Inspector an application for a permit for such construction and connection. Such application shall include detailed plans and specifications for the construction and installation of such water mains and such plans and specifications shall be in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter. Such application shall be accompanied by a permit fee of fifteen dollars ($15.00). If the plans and specifications are in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter and other applicable ordinances of the City, the Building Inspector shall issue a permit for the construction and installation of such water mains.
[R.O. 1991 § 715.030; Ord. No. 649 § 3, 11-8-1976; Ord. No. 1535 § 1, 3-8-1994; Ord. No. 1799-98, 7-21-1998; Ord. No. 1823-98 § 2, 11-17-1998]
All water main extensions constructed and installed pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter shall meet the following minimum construction specifications and criteria:
Such water mains shall be constructed of plastic pipe, provided that it meets the following specifications:
The pipe shall be manufactured by an extrusion process using resin complying with ASTM specifications D1784-68.
The pipe shall be produced according to the AWWA C900 specification for Class 150 pipe. The pipe shall conform to all the requirements of specifications AWWA C900-81 with a standard dimension ration of DR of 18 for barrel, bell or coupling. All pipe shall bear the AWWA seal of approval and designation. Certificates of compliance with these specifications shall be furnished upon request.
Only elastomeric ring seals are to be used for joining pipes. Thrust blocks will be necessary at bends, tees, and reducers. The elastomeric gaskets for plastic pressure pipe shall conform with the requirements of ASTM F477. The joint shall have been tested and approved by the National Sanitation Foundation and certification of said approval shall be submitted.
Fittings. Ductile iron fittings shall be "push on joint" conforming to ANSI A21.10 (AWWA C110) or "mechanical joint" conforming to ANSI A21.10 (AWWA C110) and ANSI A21.11 (AWWA C111). Fittings on pipe through twelve-inch size shall be compact-type conforming to AWWA C153. All other sizes shall be normal dimension.
All new water main extensions shall be at least eight (8) inches in diameter.
Any existing water main that is replaced shall be replaced with a main of at least four (4) inches in diameter.
Any main that goes under a road or bridge shall be cased with metal pipe.
All water main extensions will be in accordance with Class 6 fire classification and fire hydrants shall be installed as follows:
One (1) fire hydrant within three hundred (300) feet of building.
One (1) additional fire hydrant within five hundred (500) feet of building.
One (1) additional fire hydrant within one thousand (1,000) feet of building.
All dead end mains more than six hundred (600) feet in length shall be of at least eight (8) inches in diameter with at least two (2) fire hydrants three hundred (300) feet apart.
Such water mains shall be installed at a depth and in a manner that they shall become a safe and integral part of the City water facilities; during the course of such construction and installation, such water mains shall be inspected by the Building Inspector of the City and no water mains shall be connected to the City water facilities until the construction and installation of such mains have been approved by the City. Prior to the approval thereof, the Building Inspector shall require such tests of the mains as in his/her discretion he/she deems necessary to determine that such mains have been properly installed and constructed.
The person constructing such water mains shall file with the City a construction and maintenance bond in an amount equal to the estimated cost of the project, conditional that such work will be done in accordance with City standards and guaranteeing the work and maintenance for a period of one (1) year from the date of the acceptance of the work.
There shall be ten (10) gauge coated copper locating wire installed during the construction of all water mains in the City of Smithville. The color of the coating shall be blue in color to assist in its identification to City crews and other construction workers.
[R.O. 1991 § 715.035; Ord. No. 1800-98 § 1, 7-21-1998]
All fire hydrants shall comply with the requirements of AWWA Standard C-502 except as amended herein.
All hydrants shall have replaceable "breakable" sections. Hydrants shall be compression-type closing with line pressure. Hydrants shall have inlet connection of six-inch size with standard flange connection for direct bolting to auxiliary gate valve.
All hydrants shall be three-way design, have two (2) hose outlets with National Standard two-and-one-half-inch hose threads, and one (1) four-and-one-half-inch pumper connection with National Standard threads. Operating nut shall conform to National Standard measurements.
Valve opening shall be five and one-fourth (5 1/4) inches, and have a minimum inside barrel diameter of seven (7) inches to assure maximum flow.
Hydrant valve shall be open on counter-clockwise rotation of the operating nut.
Hydrants shall be painted a finish coat of red above the ground line.
Burial depths for hydrants will and may vary, but shall not be less than four (4) feet. The proper ground line shall be cast clearly on the lower barrel and shall provide not less than eighteen (18) inches of clearance from the center line of the lowest nozzle to the ground. The contractor shall furnish and install all spool pieces as may be necessary to adjust hydrants to the proper height.
Hydrant shoe and barrel castings shall be cast of ASTM A-126, Class B gray iron or ductile iron ASTM A-536, but no combination thereof, assuring uniform strength of all cast components and minimizing the possibility of shoe breakage upon traffic impact. The lower barrel shall be an integrally cast unit. The use of threaded on or mechanically attached flanges is deemed unacceptable.
Hydrants shall be equipped with two (2) drain valves which drain the barrel when the hydrant is closed and seal shut when the hydrant is opened. These drain valves shall be an integral part of the one-piece bronze upper valve plate. They shall operate without the use of springs, toggles, tubes, levers, or other intricate synchronizing mechanisms.
The bronze seat ring shall thread into a bronze drain ring (shoe bushing) providing a bronze-to-bronze connection. Seat rings shall be O-ring pressure sealed.
The interior of the shoe, including the lower valve plate and stem cap nut, shall have a protective coating of a two-part thermosetting epoxy to a minimum thickness of four (4) mils. If a stem cap nut is utilized, it must be locked in place by a stainless steel lock washer or similar non-corrosive device.
Hydrants shall be warranted by the manufacturer against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of ten (10) years from the date of manufacture.
Hydrants shall be Mueller Super Centurion 250 or approved equal.
[R.O. 1991 § 715.040; Ord. No. 649 § 4, 11-8-1976]
The cost of such water main construction shall be paid by the person requesting such installation.
[R.O. 1991 § 715.050; Ord. No. 649 § 5, 11-8-1976]
All water mains constructed and installed pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter shall, after acceptance by the City, be the property of the City, and the control, operation and right to use thereof shall be vested wholly and exclusively in the City; and the applicant for such extension shall have no interest therein other than the right to make connections thereto in accordance with applicable rules and regulations of the City.
[R.O. 1991 § 715.060; Ord. No. 649 § 6, 11-8-1976]
Prior to connecting any water service to the City water facilities, there shall be a permit issued by the City and a permit fee for such connections or taps shall be as follows:
3/4 inch, 1 inch or 2 inch
4 inch
6 inch
8 inch
Such fees shall be in addition to the actual cost of labor and materials, which costs shall be paid by the applicant. All such connections and taps shall be made by and under the supervision of the City.
[R.O. 1991 § 715.070; Ord. No. 649 § 7, 11-8-1976]
Any person violating any provision of this Chapter shall upon conviction be subject to a fine of not more than five hundred dollars ($500.00) or by imprisonment for not more than ninety (90) days or by both such fine and imprisonment, provided that each day such violation shall continue shall constitute a separate offense.