City of Buckner, MO
Jackson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2003 §410.010; C.C. 1979 §48.010; Ord. No. 715 §1, 7-1-2004]
No additional trailer parks or trailer courts shall be allowed to operate, locate or expand within the City limits of Buckner, Missouri, until such time as the population reaches five thousand (5,000). A trailer court or trailer park shall be construed to be a place where any person owning a living accommodation is allowed to park or locate the living accommodation that originally was designed to be movable on wheels whether the same actually has wheels when the same is placed on any lot, trailer park or trailer court.
[R.O. 2003 §410.020; Ord. No. 715 §1, 7-1-2004]
The purpose of this Chapter is to set forth standards for the placement, construction and architectural appearance of manufactured and modular homes within the City. The intent of this Chapter is to ensure that manufactured and modular homes are compatible with other dwellings in residential neighborhoods and meet a minimum construction, placement and architectural standard while providing an alternative means of affordable home ownership for the residents of the community.
[R.O. 2003 §410.030; Ord. No. 715 §1, 7-1-2004]
As used in this Chapter, the following terms shall have these prescribed meanings:
Single-family dwelling built entirely in the factory under a Federal building code administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Manufactured dwellings may be single or multi-section and are transported to the site and installed. The Federal standards regulate manufactured housing design and construction, strength and durability, transportability, fire resistance, energy efficiency and quality. The HUD Code also sets performance standards for the heating, plumbing, air conditioning, thermal and electrical systems. It is the only federally regulated national building code.
A single-family dwelling purchased in two (2) or more sections which is transported to the building site and placed upon a permanent foundation. A modular home must conform to the Missouri standards set forth in 4 CSR 240-123.080 of the Missouri Code of State Regulations.
[R.O. 2003 §410.040; Ord. No. 715 §1, 7-1-2004]
Manufactured and modular homes shall not be placed or occupied on an individual lot without a building permit issued under these regulations.
Manufactured and modular homes shall be subject to the same zoning standards as site-built homes, and all Buckner residential codes and must meet UBC or have HUD engineer seal.
Manufactured and modular homes shall be subject to the deed restrictions of subdivisions and may thereby be prohibited.
[R.O. 2003 §410.050; Ord. No. 715 §1, 7-1-2004]
Each manufactured or modular home placed on an individual lot shall meet the following requirements:
Be occupied as a single-family dwelling and be permitted in the same districts as single-family dwellings, unless the manufactured or modular home is intended for a different purpose; in such a case, the structure shall be evaluated for its intended purpose.
Have a minimum width of not less than twenty-two (22) feet as measured at all points perpendicular to the length of the manufactured home. This standard is intended to restrict units to this type which are brought to the site in parts, typically two (2) halves.
The deed restrictions shall take precedence over this Section.
Accessory structures shall be placed in conformance with the setback and dimensional requirements established for the district in which located.
Is placed in conformance with all zoning and setback requirements established for the district in which located.
Roof must be gable or hip roof at least three (3) in twelve (12) or greater in pitch and covered with material that is residential in appearance including, but not limited to, approved wood, asphalt composition or fiberglass shingles, but excluding corrugated aluminum, corrugated fiberglass or metal roofs. All roof structures shall provide an eave projection of no less than six (6) inches.
Have the main entry door facing the street on which the manufactured home is located. The unit must be oriented on the lot so that its front entry is parallel with the street.
Have exterior surface and window treatments that to the maximum extent possible are architecturally compatible with those of neighboring properties, excluding smooth and ribbed or corrugated metal.
Be placed on a parcel according to a presubmitted and approved plot plan as described on the permit. In addition, an illustration of the finished appearance of the unit shall be provided.
Units shall be attached to a permanent footing and foundation which manner of placement shall be as stated in the Building Code of the City of Buckner and meet all manufacturer's specifications for support.
Pier pads are not permitted around the perimeter of the foundation.
All footings shall have reinforced steel, as dictated by appropriate Building Code.
Anchors shall be imbedded in the footing or foundation to HUD, PSC or the City Code as per the following: foundation plates or sills shall be bolted to the foundation or foundation wall with not less than one-half-inch nominal diameter steel bolts embedded at least seven (7) inches into the concrete or masonry and spaced not more than six (6) feet apart. There shall be a minimum of two (2) bolts per sill plate with one (1) bolt located within twelve (12) inches of each end of each piece. A properly sized nut and washer shall be tightened on each bolt to the plate.
Have the tongue and running gear including axles removed.
Maintain a minimum of eighteen (18) inches of crawl space under the entire manufactured or modular home. All facades and foundations shall have permanently installed venting in accordance with the Building Code. Deletions or omissions of vents are not allowed and homes will not be approved for occupancy without venting.
Have permanent steps at all exits. All means of egress shall be built to existing code.
Be served by a water supply and sewage disposal system meeting the established City Code.
Underground public utilities shall be required where available. All utility attachment shall be completed per the Building Code.
Property owner shall declare the manufactured home as real property and must so record with the Jackson County Assessor.
Cross Reference: As to building codes, Ch. 500.