City of Warsaw, MO
Benton County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 98-0859 §73.300, 3-16-1998]
No owner, keeper or harborer of a dog, cat or other animal shall allow such animal to inflict a bite upon another animal or upon a human being.
Any owner, keeper or harborer of a dog, cat or other animal which bites another animal or human being shall be required to produce a current rabies certificate of proof of current rabies vaccination. If the owner cannot produce a current rabies certificate, then the animal must be quarantined for ten (10) days in a licensed veterinary clinic at the owner's expense. At the first (1st) sign of illness during confinement, the animal shall be reported immediately to the Health Department. If signs suggestive of rabies develops the animal shall be euthanized by the attending veterinarian and proper tissue samples sent to the State lab for rabies test.
No Police Officer, Animal Control Officer or other unauthorized person shall kill or cause to be killed any animal suspected of being rabid, except after having been seen by a licensed veterinarian, or having bit a human being, or to stop said animal from attacking either themselves or another human being.
Any unrestrained dog or cat without a City identification tag, rabies tag or other identification that bites another animal or a human being which is suspected of being rabid may be euthanized by a veterinarian immediately and tissues submitted to a State lab for rabies examination upon receiving said animal from a Police Officer, Animal Control Officer or the humane officer.
Any biting animal other than a dog or cat which might have exposed a person to rabies shall be reported immediately to the Health Department.
Prior vaccination of an animal may not preclude the necessity for euthanasia and testing if the period of virus shedding is unknown in that species.
[Ord. No. 98-0859 §73.310, 3-16-1998]
Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Chapter, any animal impounded or confined at the animal shelter or at a licensed veterinarian clinic displaying symptoms of distemper, parvo enteritis, or other contagious viruses which would threaten the general population of the animal shelter or veterinary clinic shall be promptly examined and upon the written certification that the animal has a contagious disease, the animal shall be immediately euthanized to prevent further contamination of other animals, provided if any, such diseased animal is suspected of being rabid, the brain of such animal shall be submitted to the State Division of Health for examination.
[Ord. No. 98-0859 §73.500, 3-16-1998]
Any authorized officer of the City of Warsaw shall have Police powers in the enforcement of this Chapter and no person shall interfere with, hinder, molest or abuse any authorized officer in the exercise of such powers.
A person commits the offense of knowingly releasing an animal if that person, acting without the consent of the owner or custodian of an animal, intentionally releases any animal that is lawfully confined for the purpose of companionship or protection of persons or property or for recreation, exhibition or educational purposes.
As used in this Section, "animal" means every living creature, domesticated or wild, but not including Homo sapiens.
The provisions of this Section shall not apply to a public servant acting in the course of such servant's official duties.