City of Caruthersville, MO
Pemiscot County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Park and Recreation Board

Section 120.010 Created — Appointment — Composition.

Section 120.020 Qualifications of Directors.

Section 120.030 Terms of Directors.

Section 120.040 Removal of Directors.

Section 120.050 Filling of Vacancies.

Section 120.060 Compensation.

Section 120.070 Officers — Rules and Powers.

Section 120.080 Duties and Responsibilities.

Section 120.090 Disposition of Receipts.

Section 120.100 Annual Reports.

Section 120.110 Acceptance of Private Donations.

Article II Airport Board

Section 120.120 Establishment.

Section 120.130 Appointments to Board.

Section 120.140 Powers and Duties.

Section 120.150 Meetings — Officers — Quorum.

Section 120.160 Removal of Members.

Article III Recreation Center Board

Section 120.170 Composition.

Section 120.180 Appointment.

Section 120.190 Terms — Generally.

Section 120.200 Successive Terms Restricted.

Section 120.210 Removal of a Member.

Section 120.220 Filling Vacancies.

Section 120.230 Compensation.

Section 120.240 Organization.

Section 120.250 Rules and Regulations.

Section 120.260 Recreation Center Administrator.

Section 120.270 Powers, Duties — Generally.

Article IV Library Board

Section 120.280 Creation.

Section 120.290 Composition.

Section 120.300 Appointment.

Section 120.310 Terms — Generally.

Section 120.320 Successive Terms Restricted.

Section 120.330 Removal of Member.

Section 120.340 Filling Vacancies.

Section 120.350 Compensation.

Section 120.360 Organization.

Section 120.370 Rules and Regulations.

Section 120.380 Librarian.

Section 120.390 Powers, Duties — Generally.

Article V City Tree Board

Section 120.400 Definitions.

Section 120.410 Creation and Establishment of a City Tree Board.

Section 120.420 Term of Office.

Section 120.430 Compensation.

Section 120.440 Duties and Responsibilities.

Section 120.450 Operation.

Section 120.460 Street Tree Species to Be Planted.

Section 120.470 Distances and Clearances for Planting.

Section 120.480 Public Tree Care.

Section 120.490 Permits Required.

Section 120.500 Compensatory Payments.

Section 120.510 Tree Topping.

Section 120.520 Clearance Over Streets and Walkways.

Section 120.530 Dead or Hazard Tree Removal.

Section 120.540 Interference With the Tree Board.

Section 120.550 Access.

Section 120.560 License.

Article VI Housing Rehabilitation and Citizens Advisory Board

Section 120.570 Housing Rehabilitation and Citizens Advisory Board Created.

Section 120.580 Membership and Vacancies.

Section 120.590 Functions, Duties and Authority.

Section 120.600 Officers.

Section 120.610 Meeting and Records.

Article VII Caruthersville Life Care Center Board of Trustees

Section 120.620 Board of Trustees — Generally.

Section 120.630 Board of Trustees — Appointment.

Section 120.640 Terms of Office of Trustees — Vacancies.

Section 120.650 Removal of Trustees — Procedure.

Section 120.660 Organization of Board — Rules and Regulations.

Section 120.670 Board to Control Expenditures, Funds — Employ Assistants.

Section 120.680 Facility Funds Only to Be Used — Non-Liability of City.

Section 120.690 Annual Report — How — When Made.

Section 120.700 Bequests, Donations — Board to Be Special Trustees.