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City of Caruthersville, MO
Pemiscot County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Code 1961, §14.01; CC 1983 §24-34]
No person shall dig or excavate any hole or excavation in any of the streets or alleys of the City without first obtaining a permit to do so from the Street Commissioner.
Cross Reference — Licenses, permits and miscellaneous business regulations, chs. 605 and 610.
[Code 1961, §14.02(a); CC 1983 §24-35]
Any person desiring to dig or excavate holes or excavations in any streets or alleys or public place in the City shall make written application to the Street Commissioner and state in the application the nature, kind and extent of the hole or excavation to be dug or made and the location thereof. The application shall also set forth the necessity or purpose of the digging or excavation, and if the application shows that the proposed digging or excavation is necessary and proper in order that installation may be made of or that repairs may be made or defects remedied in any underground structure or appurtenance which is or may be lawfully present in a street, alley or public place then the Street Commissioner shall issue to such applicant a written permit for such work. No person shall receive a permit from the Street Commissioner except where the application shows on its face that the same is desired for the purpose of making necessary repairs to any underground structure or appurtenance which is or may be lawfully present in a street, alley or public place and such permit shall be no protection to any person who excavates any street or alley for any other purpose.
[Code 1961, §14.02(b); CC 1983 §24-36]
No street shall be excavated, opened, or dug into for the purpose of installing or tapping into the structures and appurtenances described in Section 530.020 of this Chapter or for the repair, maintenance or inspection thereof until the charges as established by the Council from time to time are paid.
The charges shall be paid by the plumber, owner or other person excavating, opening or digging into such streets. Such charges shall be paid to the Water Department who shall issue receipts therefor showing the location, property owner and plumber or contractor paying the same.
[Code 1961, §14.03; CC 1983 §24-37]
Any person having a permit to dig or excavate in any street or alley shall, when the excavation or digging is commenced, proceed speedily to complete the work.
[Code 1961 §14.04; CC 1983 §24-38]
Any person who makes any excavation in any street, alley or other public place, or any place immediately adjoining the same, shall place around and along such excavation sufficient barriers to prevent injury to persons, animals or other vehicles and shall keep sufficient red lights burning during the night at the excavations to properly warn persons of the excavations.
[Code 1961, §14.05; CC 1983 §24-39]
Immediately after the excavation is made in any street or alley as provided in this Chapter, and the necessary repairs to the pipes completed, it shall be the duty of the person doing the work to notify the Street Commissioner and the hole or excavation shall thereupon be repaired and the street or alley so dug or excavated completely restored by the City under the supervision and direction of the City Engineer.
It shall be the duty of the Street Commissioner or other person selected by the City to oversee and direct the repairs to any hole or excavation mentioned in this Chapter, to keep a true and correct account of the expense of both material and labor required, and the City Engineer shall as soon as the repairs are made and the hole and excavation refilled and completed make out an itemized statement of the costs of material and labor, and file the same with the City Clerk.
In the refilling of holes and excavations in any street or alley it shall be the duty of the Street Commissioner to refill the same with approved materials for such work and in such a way and manner as to completely restore the street or alley to its former condition as far as it is possible to do so, and the Street Commissioner shall personally supervise and direct the filling of the holes or excavations, and he/she shall report in writing to the City Clerk that the holes or excavations have been refilled, and the street or alley completely restored to its former condition as near as it is possible to do so.
[Code 1961, §14.13; CC 1983 §24-40]
No unauthorized person shall remove, destroy or render insecure any barrier or guard erected at any excavation, as required by this Chapter, nor extinguish, destroy or remove any light or lamp placed at such excavation, nor aid in or counsel any such removal or destruction.