Town of Cumberland, RI
Providence County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 97-40, § 1, 2-4-1998]
Building permits shall not be issued for construction of structures of any kind which are governed by the Rhode Island State Building Code on lots which do not have frontage on an accepted and actual public highway giving roadway access either to a state highway or a Town maintained street, road, avenue, drive or other previously utilized and recognized right-of-way permitting access by the general public and which shall have been constructed to the standards of the Town whereby such roadway may be accepted into the Town's functional highway system.
[Ord. No. 97-40, § 2, 2-4-1998]
In the case of potential public highways which are part of a previously filed, legally recognized, and/or approved plat or subdivision of record, it shall be the responsibility of the land owner and/or developer to construct the roadways which were planned as a part of such previously filed, legally recognized, and/or approved plat or subdivision of record at the expense of the land owner and/or developer within the confines and limitations of the previously filed, legally recognized and/or approved platted highway system in accordance with the construction standards and requirement promulgated or enacted by the Director of Public Works.
[Ord. No. 97-40, § 3, 2-4-1998]
At which time a landowner and/or developer shall determine to construct a roadway or highway which is a part of a previously filed, legally recognized, and/or approved plat or subdivision of record, the landowner and/or developer shall be required to provide to the Director of Planning and Community Development a surety bond covering the construction performance and durability of such roadway(s) as is/are to be constructed. The amount of such bond shall be established by the Director of Public Works as and shall conform to the provisions of § 13, Construction and/or Improvement Guarantees; Subsection (B) of the Land Development and Subdivision Regulations of the Town of Cumberland, Rhode Island, enacted October 19, 1997, as amended. Such regulations shall govern the posting of such guarantee; the form of guarantee; the conditions thereof; the duration and release of guarantee; extension of time; default; certification of default; execution of guarantee; and, payment of surety.
[Ord. No. 97-40, § 4, 2-4-1998]
Upon the satisfactory submission of the surety outlined in § 30-143 hereinabove, the Building Official may issue building permits pursuant to the provisions of The Rhode Island State Building Code and further subject to the submission by the land owner or developer of a Request For Building Permit - Subdivision Lot Under Construction and Request For Issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy For a Subdivision Lot Under Construction which are attached to Ordinance No. 97-40 as Exhibit "A" and Exhibit "B" respectively and which are made a part hereof by reference.
[Ord. No. 01-38, § 1, 11-7-2001]
Required; contents. Upon request by a developer for any building permit, construction permit, earthmoving permit and/or prior to any construction whatsoever for or on any subdivision that had been approved and/or recorded at least at a minimum of two years prior to the start of any construction or improvements in a subdivision consisting of five or more residential dwellings, the developer shall notify the Building Official in writing that construction and/or improvements will henceforth begin. Said notification shall identify the subdivision, the assessors plat and map of the property; the date of approval of the subdivision and the number of residential dwellings approved for construction and provide a schedule of anticipated construction activity.
Notice. Upon the receipt of notice of commencement of construction on any subdivision application consisting of five or more residential dwellings, the Building Official shall cause to be printed in not less than two newspapers of general circulation in the Town, notice of the filing of said intention to begin construction.
Cost of notice. The developer/petitioner shall pay the cost of said advertisement which shall appear not less than seven days before the date of anticipated commencement of construction.