Town of Cumberland, RI
Providence County
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[Ord. No. 06-17, § 1, 9-6-2006]
This article is adopted in accordance with G.L. 1956, § 2-23.1-1, et seq. which declares:
That the preservation and expansion of agriculture are goals of the state;
That among economic activities, agriculture is uniquely dependent on the land;
That land use and water usage regulation and land taxation can have significant impacts on the viability of agricultural operations;
That the understanding of such impacts is often not widespread or readily included in decision making; and
That farmers, who have an appreciation of such impacts, may not know in a timely manner that actions are being considered at the local level that could have a direct and significant impact on agricultural operations.
[Ord. No. 06-17, § 1, 9-6-2006]
The purpose of this article is to foster communications between the Town of Cumberland and its farmers on local actions that have a direct and significant impact on agricultural operations.
[Ord. No. 06-17, § 1, 9-6-2006]
Notification of matters subject to notification as set forth in § 30-186 below shall be given to farmers as required by G.L. 1956 2-23.1-1 et seq., as amended from time to time.
[Ord. No. 06-17, § 1, 9-6-2006]
The officials hereinafter designated are to provide written notification to farmers not less than seven business days after a matter subject to notification is formally proposed for study or consideration by a public body in which the matter originates. The written notification shall, at a minimum, state the matter subject to notification, the public body which will be studying or considering the matter and provide the name of the Town official whom said farmers may contact to request additional information or to request a work session. Any farmer may request a work session in writing within 10 business days after such notification to review the impact of the matter subject to notification. The request shall be made to the official designated on the notification to receive such requests. Within 20 business days after the receipt of such a request, said official shall notify in writing all farmers on the notification list of the request, providing the location, time and date of a work session, which shall not be sooner than seven business days after the date of notice of the work session. The purpose of the work session shall be to review and consider the effects of the matter subject to notification on farming. The work session shall be open to the public and shall be prior to any final action on the matter subject to notification, and the findings and conclusions of the work session shall be reported to the public body. Not more than one work session shall be required. This paragraph is in accordance with G.L. 1956 §§ 2-23.1-4 and 2-23.1-6.
[Ord. No. 06-17, § 1, 9-6-2006]
Matters subject to notification shall include the following:
Subject Matter
Responsible Town Official
Changes of the zoning and/or permitted uses of land used for farming
Director of Planning and Development
Designation or amendment of the designation of land use for farming in the Comprehensive Plan or land use ordinances
Director of Planning and Development
Changes in the manner of the taxation of real and personal property used for farming
Regulation of water use for farming purposes
Director of Water Supply
Control of noise and hours of operation of machinery and equipment used in farming
Town Clerk