City of Corunna, MI
Shiawassee County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Code 1979, § 3.1]
No person shall obstruct any walk or drive in any public park or playground and no person shall injure, mar or damage in any manner, any monument, ornament, fence, bridge, seat, tree, fountain, shrub, flower, playground equipment, fireplace or other public property within or pertaining to the parks.
[Code 1979, § 3.2; amended 10-6-2000 by Ord. No. 2000-04]
No person shall place or deposit any garbage, glass, tin cans, paper or miscellaneous waste in any park or playground except in containers provided for that purpose. Such waste shall only be that which is generated in the park, and miscellaneous waste deposited in the park receptacles shall be prohibited.
[Code 1979, § 3.3]
No baseball, football or softball throwing, or other violent or rough exercises or play shall be engaged in, in any public park or other public place, except in areas designated therefor by the City Manager.
[Code 1979, § 3.4]
The City Manager is hereby empowered to make such rules and regulations, subject to the approval of the City Council, pertaining to the conduct and use of parks and public grounds as are necessary to administer them and to protect public property and the safety, health, morals and welfare of the public, and no person shall fail to comply with such rules and regulations.
[Code 1979, § 3.8]
It shall be the policy of the City to provide McCurdy Park for the general public to use in a reasonable and orderly manner, without exclusion of anyone from the park during the hours the park is open, but in order to protect the park and park equipment from vandalism, to exclude all unauthorized persons therefrom during the time the park is closed.
[Amended 8-3-1992 by Ord. No. 08-92]
McCurdy Park shall be opened each day, including Sunday and holidays, at 6:00 each morning and shall remain open until 10:00 the evening of that day, and from that time until 6:00 the following morning the park shall be closed.
[Code 1979, § 3.10]
Any club, association or organization desiring to use the park shall file an application with the City Clerk on forms to be furnished by the City Clerk, and shall not use the park until the permit is granted.
[Code 1979, § 3.11]
No permit shall be issued for the exclusive use of the park, and no permittee shall exclude the public from the park, charge any admittance fee, sell tickets or otherwise require anyone to pay any fee for entering the park, except as provided in § 54-9.
[Code 1979, § 3.12]
Any club, organization or association desiring to use a portion of the park for a money raising affair, whether to cover costs of operation or for permit, shall file an application therefor with the City Clerk on forms to be furnished by the City Clerk and pay to the clerk a fee as provided in § 54-17. The application, among other information, must designate the portion of the park desired, where ticket sales will be set up or money is to be collected, and how much per person or other unit of measurement, the location of which shall be under the control of the City Council. The fee for the permit may be waived or refunded at the discretion of the City Council.
[Code 1979, § 3.13]
All applications for permits to use a portion of the park shall be presented to the City Council by the City Clerk at the next regular meeting thereof.
[Code 1979, § 3.15]
All park permits shall require the permittee to clean up the park after the affair is over, and all applications for permit must give the name, address and phone number of the person, or the permittee, responsible for the cleanup.
[Code 1979, § 3.16]
Should the affair of the park permittee extend overnight, the overnight occupants shall stay within the area allotted in the permit during the time the park is closed, and shall use the other necessary part of the park only for entrance to or exit from the permitted area, and the permittee shall be responsible for necessary policing thereof.
[Code 1979, § 3.17]
No person other than police officers on official duty, or other City officers or employees on park duty, shall enter the park or remain therein during the time the park is closed, except as provided for in § 54-12.
[Code 1979, § 3.18]
Any person violating §§ 54-5 — 54-13 shall be punished by a fine as provided in § 1-14.
[Code 1979, § 3.19]
All persons violating any provisions of this chapter shall be jointly and severally liable for all damage done to the park while the person is so in violation. Any damage found in the park after apprehending a violator, which was unknown prior thereto, is presumed to have been done while the offender was so violating this chapter.
[Code 1979, § 3.20]
This chapter shall not interfere with the Shiawassee County Fair when operated in accordance with the lease between the City and the fair board.
[Code 1979, § 3.21]
Fees for use of the park by individuals and organizations shall be as established from time to time by City Council resolution.
[Code 1979, § 3.22]
No building or structure or part thereof, as defined in Chapter 14 of this Code, shall be constructed, renovated or moved to another site location in the park, unless application is made and permission therefor is granted by the City Council, as follows:
Application. The application to so construct, renovate or move a building or part thereof to another site location in the park shall be in writing, signed by the applicant, made at a regular Council meeting, and shall specify, in scale dimensions, the following:
The shape, size and proposed location of the building or structure.
The intended use and existing use (if any) of the building or structure.
Such other information concerning the building or structure as may be essential for determining whether permission therefor should be granted by the Council.
Review. The application shall be referred by the Council to the City Manager and a committee of four councilpersons appointed annually by the mayor for review; and the committee of five shall investigate and then make recommendations to the City Council as to what proposed action, if any, the committee recommends.
Procedure. No permission to the applicant concerning the application to so construct, renovate or move a building or part thereof to another site location in the park shall be granted at the regular Council meeting at which it is introduced, nor until after publication of notice thereof is made. The publication shall specify in detail the proposed construction, renovation or movement of the building or structure, or part thereof, in the park, its present location, and the date of the regular Council meeting at which time the City Council will vote on the question of granting or refusing permission to the applicant.
Council vote. Council action and decision to grant permission to the applicant to so construct, renovate or move a building or structure, or part thereof, within the park shall be at a regular Council meeting and shall require the affirmative vote of four members of the City Council for effectiveness thereof.
[Amended 10-6-2000 by Ord. No. 2000-04]
All pets on the premises of any City park are the responsibility of their owner. All pets that are on the premises of any City park must be confined in an appropriate cage, or on a leash. Persons with pets shall dispose of their pet's feces in appropriate containers as provided by pet owner.