Town of Burlington, CT
Hartford County
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[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town of Burlington as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Alarm systems — See Ch. 125.
[Adopted 8-20-1970]
No person, firm or corporation shall make or cause to be made any outdoor fire within the limits of the Town of Burlington without a permit issued pursuant to § 177-2 hereof, except:
In a covered incombustible container constructed for said purpose in which no opening shall exceed one inch in any dimension and in which any draft opening is covered by a one-fourth-inch, or smaller, wire mesh screen;
In any other covered incombustible container approved by the Burlington Fire Marshal; or
In a fireplace or barbecue pit constructed of incombustible material, or in an incombustible grill designed for outdoor cooking.
An application for an outdoor fire permit shall be made orally or in writing to the Burlington Fire Marshal, or his designated deputy, in which the applicant shall state his name, the time and location of the proposed fire, the type of material to be burned, and such other relevant information as said Fire Marshal or his deputy may request. Every such application shall be granted or denied as soon as practicable, and when granted will be logged and, if requested, confirmed in writing. An application shall be denied when, because of wind, drought, type or condition of material to be burned, proximity of structures or combustible materials, availability of means of fire control, other environmental factors, or other good and sufficient reasons, said fire would constitute a hazard, a nuisance, or a danger to public safety. All such permits shall be subject to the following conditions whether or not communicated to the applicant for a permit by the Burlington Fire Marshal or his designated deputy:
No outdoor fire shall be ignited within 15 feet of any structure or accumulation of combustible material.
All permits granted orally shall terminate at 12:00 midnight on the day issued.
No written permit shall be valid for more than seven days.
All permits shall be void when the official forest fire danger, as determined by the State Fire Marshal, is greater than "medium."
Any permit may be revoked at any time by the Burlington Fire Marshal or his designated deputy.
No outdoor fire, whether permitted under § 177-1 or 177-2 hereof, shall:
Be permitted to burn between 12:00 midnight and sunrise unless so authorized by the Burlington Fire Marshal;
Be kindled or maintained within or on any street, highway or sidewalk in the Town of Burlington; or
Be unattended at any time.
No person kindling or maintaining an outdoor fire permitted by this article shall be relieved of any legal responsibility if the fire escapes or causes personal injury or property damage. Neither the Burlington Fire Marshal, nor any of his deputies, nor the Town of Burlington, shall be liable for damages to any person, firm or corporation resulting from an outdoor fire whether or not kindled pursuant to a permit issued under this article.
[Amended 4-23-2019]
The penalty for a violation of this article shall be $100 per occurrence, enforced through the State of Connecticut Centralized Infractions Bureau by the issuance of an infraction ticket pursuant to C.G.S. § 51-164n.