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Borough of Liberty, PA
Allegheny County
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[Ord. 249, 6/22/1961, § 1; as amended by Ord. 423, 9/9/1987, § 18-201]
The Borough of Liberty hereby adopts rates and charges for sewer service as contained in § 18-205.
[Ord. 249, 6/22/1961, § 2]
Bills for said sewer service shall be rendered in the manner and in the form to be prescribed by the Borough. All bills for sewer service shall be rendered to the owner of the premises to which the sewer service is furnished, and such owner shall in all cases be liable for payment of such bills.
[Ord. 249, 6/22/1961, § 3]
The Borough Council shall have ultimate responsibility for management of the sewer system and it shall issue such rules and regulations governing the use, operation and maintenance of said sewer system as from time to time shall be deemed necessary.
[Ord. 249, 6/22/1961, § 4; as amended by Ord. 423, 9/9/1987, § 18-204]
The Borough shall collect and receive all sewer rates and charges prescribed by this Part. All such moneys shall be deposited to the credit of a separate and distinct fund of the Borough of Liberty to be designated the "Liberty Borough Sewer System Fund."
[Ord. 249, 6/22/1961; as amended by Ord. 266, 3/17/1964, § 1; by Ord. 272, 5/19/1965, § 1; by Ord. 286, 4/18/1967, § 1; by Ord. 324, 7/7/1976, § 1; by Ord. 334, 7/6/1977, § 1; by Ord. 345, 7/13/1978, § 1; by Ord. 366, 2/19/1980, § 1; by Ord. 380, 2/3/1981, § 1; by Ord. 390, 7/6/1982, § 1; by Ord. 397, 7/12/1983, § 1; by Ord. 422, 7/1/1987; by Ord. 423, 9/9/1987, § 18-205; by Ord. 427, 1/4/1989, § 1; by Ord. 431, 12/28/1990, § 2; by Ord. 478, 2/2/2000, § 1; by Ord. 491, 12/19/2002, § 1; by Ord. 497, 5/15/2003, § 1; by Ord. 503, 12/28/2003, § 1; by Ord. 2006-1, 2/24/2006, § 1; by Ord. 2007-02, 1/18/2007, § 1; by Ord. 2008-01, 3/19/2008, § 1; by Ord. 2009-02, 2/18/2009, § 1; by Ord. 2009-06, 11/18/2009, § 1; by Ord. 2011-01, 2/16/2011, § 1; by Ord. 2012-01, 1/18/2012, § 1; by Ord. 2013-02, 7/17/2013, § 1; by Ord. 2015-04, 7/20/2015, § 1; by Ord. 2015-08, 12/29/2015, § 1; and by Ord. 2017-02, 1/11/2017, § 1]
There is hereby established and imposed a sewer rental or charge for the use of the Borough sewer system to be payable as foreordained in order to apportion the cost of such sewerage facilities equitable among the properties served as set forth in the following:
Sewage Rates; Basic Charges: The rental or charge for such services for every property served shall be based upon the water consumed by such properties (with exceptions herein noted) during the period previous to that for which the said sewer rental or charge is being billed. The sewer rental or charge shall be computed according to the water meter readings of the Borough for water furnished to said properties. All sewer rentals or charges shall be computed in accordance with the following schedule:
Quantity of Water Consumed Per Quarter
Sewer Rental Charge
First 9,000 gallons or any part thereof
$90.90 minimum charge
All over 9,000 gallons
$10.10 per 1,000 gallons or any part thereof
All unmetered users
$151.20 flat rate
Surcharge for all users
$15 per quarter
Bill Payment and Procedure.
Residents shall be billed for sewage approximately six weeks after the end of each quarter-January 20, April 20, July 20 and October 20 are designated as the approximate billing dates for each quarter.
If payment of the net amount-shown on the bill is not received by the Borough within approximately four weeks, the Borough shall assess a penalty of 15% of the amount due and add the penalty to the net amount due. The penalty assessment date shall be stated on the sewage bill.
Reminder cards or notices shall be sent out 3 days after the penalty date in the event that payment is not received. Residents have one week to pay their accounts in full including the penalty amount.
The shut-off notice will notify all delinquent account holders that if the account proceeds through the shut off procedure, a $45 charge is assessed. This fee is payable in part to the water company ($30) and in part to the Borough as an administrative fee ($15).
In addition to the penalty which is assessed pursuant to Subsection 1B(2) above, 1% interest is added to a delinquent account beginning one month after the penalty date for as long as the account remains outstanding.
A shut-off notice shall be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, notifying the account holder that if payment is not received within one week of the letter, their water will be shut off in accordance with the water company's shut off procedure. The letter shall notify the account holder that there is a $30 fee payable to the water company to have the water service restored to the property.
The registration of water on two or more meters at one premises, and used by one consumer, may be combined and billed to said user as though registered on one meter if the Borough Council so elects.
Water Meters.
In the event any person, firm or corporation discharging sanitary sewage, industrial waste, water or other liquids into the Borough's public sanitary sewerage system either directly or indirectly, obtains part or all of the water used by him from other sources than the Borough, such user of other water shall, at no expense to the Borough, install and maintain water meters satisfactory to the Borough Council for measuring all water usage other than that obtained from the Borough and the quantity of water used to determine the sewerage service charge as above set forth shall be the sum of the quantity measured by all such meters plus the quantity of water obtained from the Borough.
In the event it be established to the satisfaction of the Borough Council that a portion of the water measured by the above-named water meter or meters does not and cannot enter the public sanitary sewerage system, then the Borough Council may determine in such manner and by such method as it may deem practical, the percentage of the metered water entering the sewer system, or the Borough Council may require or permit installation of additional meters in such a manner as to determine either the quantity of water excluded from the sewerage system, or the quantity of water, sewage or industrial waste actually entering the sewer system. The sewerage service charge shall be based upon the quantity of water estimated, measured or computed by the Borough Council to be actually entering the sewer system, subject to the charge provisions set up in Subsection 1A.
Persons, industries or corporations requesting consideration for a reduction in the sewerage service charge because of water not entering the public sanitary sewerage system shall make written application to the Borough Council for such consideration, giving the name of the firm, industry or business, address, Borough account number and supporting data fully describing other sources of water, if any, as well as disposition of water alleged not to be entering the sewer system. The application shall be accompanied by a sketch to approximate scale showing the plan of the property, water distribution system, sewer layout, existing meters, and proposed meters in the scheme to determine the quantity of flow entering, or not entering, the sewer system. The cost of furnishing, installing and maintaining any meters other than those utilized to measure water purchased from the Borough shall be borne by the applicant. The type, size, location, arrangement and maintenance of such meter shall be subject to the approval of the Borough Council.
Nothing in the foregoing subparagraphs shall preclude the right of the Borough Council entering into contracts with neighboring municipalities for the treatment of their sewage under a schedule of charges differing from those above set forth.
Surcharges for Certain Wastes.
The Borough reserves the right to impose such surcharges as it deems necessary for the discharge to the sanitary sewerage system of wastes having a strength in excess of the prevailing treatment capabilities of the plant, or as agreed upon between the Borough and the waste contributor.
The amount, methods of sampling, determination of surcharge, and related characteristics of such surcharge shall be set by Borough Council by amendment to this Part.
Enforcement. The Borough Council shall make and enforce such rules and regulations for the safe, economical and efficient management, control and protection of the Borough's public sewerage system, for the construction and use of house sewers and connections to the sewerage system, for the construction and use of all other connections thereto, and for the regulations, collection, rebating and refunding of such sewerage service charges as may be needful or necessary from time to time.
Inspection. An inspector or other duly authorized employees or representatives of the Borough Council bearing proper credentials and identification, shall be permitted to enter upon all properties served for the purpose of inspection, observations, sampling, testing and retesting in order to insure compliance with all provisions of this Part.