Town of Suffield, CT
Hartford County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Town Meeting of the Town of Suffield 6-1-1893 (Ch. 10 of the 1987 Code). Amendments noted where applicable.]
A free public library is hereby established in the Town the use of which shall be free to all the inhabitants thereof as provided for in an act of the legislature signed and approved June 1, 1893.
[Added 10-7-1957]
All funds which have heretofore been given or may hereafter be given to or for the benefit of the free public library in the Town, known as the Kent Memorial Library, shall be deposited in a custodian account with the Hartford National Bank and Trust Company, pursuant to § 7-403 of the General Statutes. Any stocks or other securities held by the custodian may be registered and held in the name of a nominee or nominees of such custodian pursuant to the provisions of § 36a-352 of the General Statutes.
[Amended 12-19-2019]
The supervision of the investment and reinvestment of such funds pursuant to § 7-403 of the General Statutes shall be vested in the Library Commission appointed by the Town. The Commission shall review the investment of such funds at least twice annually. Purchases, sales and transfers of securities shall be made only upon authorization of the Library Commission acting at any regular meeting or at any special meeting duly warned and held for such purpose. Any assignments, endorsements or documents necessary in connection herewith shall be signed on behalf of the library by such officer thereof as shall from time to time be designated by the Library Commission.
[Added 4-25-1972]
Principal public library. The Kent Memorial Library (hereinafter referred to as the "library"), established by ordinance on March 14, 1894, and named "Kent Memorial Library" by 1947 Special Act No. 270, is hereby designated as the principal public library of Suffield, as the phrase "principal public library" is used in General Statutes § 11-24a, as the same may be amended from time to time.
Agency of government. Said library is hereby designated an agency of the Town of Suffield; provided, however, that this designation shall not be construed to mean that it was not such an agency prior to such designation.
[Added 4-25-1972]
The Library Commission shall have the following powers and duties:
To establish policies for the operation and use of the library.
To employ a chief librarian who shall act as advisor to the Library Commission on policies and shall serve as its chief executive in the administration of such policies, in employment and supervision of staff, and in the provision of library service to the public.
To review, revise, approve or adopt a budget as submitted by the chief librarian.
To present such budget with appropriate statements and presentations of need to the Board of Finance.
To expend for library purposes monies appropriated, credited or accruing to the library under its jurisdiction and, in the exercise of such power, to transfer funds between line items in the appropriated budget, and generally to do all things it deems necessary for the establishment, maintenance and improvement of the library under its jurisdiction.
To establish and maintain a main library, branches, library stations, and traveling library service as needed within the Town of Suffield.
To authorize the appointment and compensation of all employees of the library and approve job descriptions and recommend pay classifications of library employees included in a civil service system.
To accept any bequest, gift, or endowment upon the conditions connected with the same, provided such conditions shall not remove any portion of the library from the control of the Commission or its successors or in any manner limit the free use of the library, or, in the opinion of the Commission, fail to further the purposes of the library.
To report annually, in writing, to the Board of Selectmen, which report shall be published in the annual report of the Town of Suffield, and copies of which report shall be placed on file in the state library.