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Borough of State College, PA
Centre County
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[Ord. 160, 7/15/1936, Section 1; amended by Ord. 446, 6/7/1954, Section 1, and reenacted by Ord. 821, 3/12/1973, Section 1; amended by Ord. 1438, 4/4/1994, Section 1; Ord. 1445, 6/9/1994]
It shall be the duty of the owners and occupiers of properties, as hereinafter provided, and the owners of unoccupied lots along whose premises sidewalks have been laid, or may hereafter be laid out under the authority of the Council, to cause said paved sidewalks along their respective properties to be cleared of snow, ice and other obstructions within 24 hours after the same shall have ceased to fall (in the case of snow) or shall have occurred (in the case of ice) or other obstructions.
On neglect or refusal of the owner to remove said snow, ice or other obstructions, as required by this Ordinance, he, she or they shall, upon conviction of such default, neglect or refusal, pay a fine of not less than $100 and not more than $600, to be collected as now provided by law. Each day said owner shall neglect or refuse to remove said snow, ice or other obstructions, as provided by this Ordinance, shall be a separate offense.
[Ord. 160, 7/15/1936, Section 3; amended by Ord. 446, 6/7/1954, Section 2 and as reenacted by Ord. 821, 3/12/1973, Section 3; amended by Ord. 1438, 4/4/1994, Section 3; Ord. 1889, 12/17/2007, Section 5]
Whenever any owner of any property shall refuse or neglect to clear the said sidewalks, as provided in § 16-801 hereof, the Manager may clear or cause the same to be cleared, and the cost of clearing them, with 10% additional, shall be collected by the Municipality from the said owner of the property. Such amount may be charged in addition to any fine or penalty imposed under § 16-802 hereof.
[Ord. 160, 7/15/1936; amended by Ord. 821, 3/12/1973, Section 4; Ord. 997, 2/4/1981; Ord. 1107, 2/26/1985; Ord. 1438, 4/4/1994, Section 4; Ord. 1642, 12/11/2000, Section 3; Ord. 1889, 12/17/2007, Section 5]
Upon the discovery of any violation under the terms of this Ordinance, the Municipality shall, through its authorized agents, give notice to the owner of a violation hereunder, either by personal delivery to such owner, by United States mail directed to the last known address of such person or persons, as shown in the real estate registry records of the Municipality, or by leaving the same on the premises where such violation occurs.
If such person shall, within seven days after the delivery, mailing or leaving of such notice, pay to the Treasurer of the Municipality the sum of $15 for the violation, the same will constitute full satisfaction for the violation noted in said notice. If two or more violations are issued for the same property during a winter season, the second and subsequent violations' payment shall be increased to $50 per violation. The failure of such person to make payment, as aforesaid, within seven days, shall render such owner subject to the penalties as provided hereinabove.
Nothing contained in this section shall affect, in any way, the provisions of this ordinance regarding separate offenses for every day any violation occurs.