City of Marceline, MO
Linn County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2003 § 105.010; Ord. No. 2.200 §§ 1 — 4, 2-21-1955]
For the purpose of establishing and defining the various responsibilities in the conduct of City Government, the following departments of City Government are hereby authorized and established:
Department of Administration.
Department of Public Safety.
Department of Electric Utilities.
Department of Streets.
Department of Water/Wastewater Utilities.
Department of Parks and Recreation.
Department of Pool Operations.
All employees of the City, including department heads and excepting only those employees directly employed by the City Council as by law provided, shall be employed by and may be discharged by the City Manager.
The salary of all such employees, except such as may have been expressly prescribed by ordinance, shall be determined by the City Manager, subject to the approval of the City Council.
[R.O. 2003 § 105.020; Ord. No. 3.300 §§ 1 — 3, 2-21-1955]
The creation of all offices and salaries, which may be provided for by the Council under Sections 78.430 to 78.640, RSMo., shall be by ordinance.
All officers and employees of the City, except those officers required to be appointed by the Council under the laws of the State, shall be appointed by the City Manager for an indefinite term and may be discharged by him/her at any time, with or without cause.
The City Manager shall notify the Council in writing of all appointments of City Officers made by him/her and such notifications shall be incorporated in the minutes of the Council.
The entry of the appointments provided for in Subsections (A) through (C), above, upon the minutes of the Council shall effect and establish the appointment of such officers who shall thenceforth be invested with the full powers of their offices, subject only to such additional qualifications and requirements as may be specifically required by the laws of the State or by ordinance separate herefrom.
[R.O. 2003 § 105.030; Ord. No. 3.200 §§ 1 — 3, 2-21-1955]
The City Manager shall prepare and deliver to the Council a list of positions, other than City offices, which he/she deems necessary to effect the efficient operation of City business with the recommended salaries to be paid to the respective employees appointed to fill such positions; and such list may be approved or amended or altered and approved by the Council. The approval thereof shall be through the approval of the fiscal year budget by ordinance. The positions so established and the salaries therefor may be altered or amended at any time by the Council on motion duly passed and entered on the minutes. No person shall be employed and no salary shall be paid by the City except as shall be established as provided for herein, provided that the City Manager may from time to time employ part-time, temporary or emergency employees, subject to the approval of the Council, as may be reasonably required to effect the needs of the City, and further provided, that nothing herein contained shall relate to services employed by the City under contract.
City Attorney. The City Attorney may serve as an independent contractor of the City and not as an employee. The City Attorney shall be a lawyer duly licensed to practice law under the laws of the State of Missouri, and need not be a resident of the City of Marceline. The City Attorney shall advise all officers of the City on all legal matters and shall perform such additional services as may be directed by the City Manager or the Council.