Village of Dering Harbor, NY
Suffolk County
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The intent of this article is to restrict the wasteful, inefficient or nonessential use of water due to irrigation of lawns and landscaping, filling of swimming pools, watering of tennis courts, or other uses deemed nonessential for human consumption or sanitary purposes as determined by the Board of Trustees or the SCWA as the water system operator, to establish penalties for violations and to provide for enforcement of water conservation measures in the Village of Dering Harbor for the protection of the health, safety and welfare of the people of the Village. This article is being expanded to include water restrictions, based on reduced water availability, due to possible shutdowns due to system maintenance or repair, and due to shutdown plans by the Water District or SCWA on short-term and long-term bases to perform mandatory maintenance on the water supply infrastructure.
Unless in actual use, all hydrants, taps, fixtures or other outlets must be securely shut off. The unnecessary waste of water is prohibited.
Prohibited uses of the Village water supply:
Use of fire hydrants for any purpose is prohibited, except use of a hydrant for fire protection, municipal use or where a hydrant use permit has been authorized pursuant to Article II, § 212-16A.
Use of water from the Village water supply and distribution system to fill swimming pools and spas is prohibited.
Use of water from the Village water supply and distribution system for the watering or irrigation of lawns, gardens or tennis courts by use of hoses and/or sprinkler systems connected to the Village water supply and distribution system is prohibited. Watering or irrigation of lawns and gardens via a connection to a separate private well is permitted. There will be no restrictions on hand-held containers to water vegetables and fruits for human consumption.
Leaks in water connections shall be repaired within 48 hours.
No unauthorized person shall open or close any valve, hydrant or curb cock, meter or other fixture or appurtenance connected with the Village water supply and distribution system of the Village. The Water District shall control all mains, taps, gate valves, street service connections, curb stop cocks, curb and gate valve boxes, and meters, and may whenever such facilities are operated or interfered with in any manner that is in violation of these rules and regulations, discontinue the water service to the premises involved in accordance with the provisions of Article II, § 212-17.
Limitation on consumption. The Water District shall have the right to curtail the amount of water supplied in the event that its supply becomes limited. The Water District, in case of a shortage of water may limit or prohibit the use of water for any purpose not deemed necessary for the maintenance and protection of public health. Where water is wastefully or negligently used on a consumer's premises seriously affecting the Village water supply or general service, the Water District may discontinue the service to such premises if conditions are not corrected within 24 hours after giving the consumer written notice, or, if an emergency exists, it may discontinue service at once without notice.
Water restriction emergency. The Board of Trustees may, by resolution, establish a water restriction emergency due to drought or limited water supply in the Village of Dering Harbor. The water restriction emergency and the restrictions shall remain in effect until the Board of Trustees rescinds, by resolution, the water restriction emergency.
Any violation of any restrictions in Articles II and III of this chapter shall be an offense punishable, upon conviction, by a fine not to exceed $2,500 for the first offense, not to exceed $4,000 for the second offense, and not to exceed $5,000 for the third and every subsequent offense or, alternatively, by a maximum of 15 days' imprisonment for each offense after the second offense.
Each day that such a violation continues shall constitute a separate offense for which a fine or imprisonment may be imposed.