Township of Cherry Hill, NJ
Camden County
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[Editor's Note: For additional regulations concerning swimming pools see the Township's Zoning Regulations.]
[Ord. #72-17, § 1, 3-27-72]
A Code regulating and controlling the location, construction, alteration and operation of swimming pools, the issuance of licenses to locate, construct, alter or operate swimming pools and declaring and defining certain swimming pools as nuisances and fixing penalties for violations is adopted as hereinafter modified. A copy of the Code is annexed hereto and made a part hereof without inclusion of the text herein.
[Ord. #72-17, § 2, 3-27-72]
The Code established and adopted by this section is described and commonly known as the "Swimming Pool Code of New Jersey (1970)".
[Ord. #72-17, § 3, 3-27-72]
Ten (10) copies of the "Swimming Pool Code of New Jersey (1970)", so modified, have been placed on file in the Office of the Township Clerk upon the introduction of this section and will remain on file in the office for the use and examination of the public.
[Ord. #72-17, § 4, 3-27-72]
No person shall locate, construct, alter or operate a swimming pool until licenses shall have been issued by the Township of Cherry Hill.
[Ord. #72-17, § 5, 3-27-72; Ord. #89-77, § 1, 12-11-89; Ord. #96-10, 4-22-96]
The following fees and charges are herewith established:
For the issuance of a license to locate and construct a swimming pool: $100.00
For the issuance of a license to alter a swimming pool: $10.00
For the issuance or renewal of a license to operate a swimming pool:
Commercial: $250.00
Hotel/motel pools: $250.00
Nonprofit swim club: $10.00
Other swim clubs: $150.00
[Ord. #72-17, § 6, 3-27-72; Ord. #96-10, 4-22-96]
Licenses issued for the operation of a swimming pool shall expire annually on April 30th and applications for renewal shall be submitted together with the required fee prior to May 1st of each year.
[Ord. #72-17, § 7, 3-27-72]
Licenses required by this section or Code may be denied or suspended by the Department of Health and Welfare for failure to comply with this chapter or Code.
The Department of Health and Welfare shall afford the person whose license to locate and construct, alter or operate has been denied or suspended, an opportunity to be heard in public hearing; and following this to be informed of the Department's decision as hereafter provided by this Code.
All swimming pools shall be constructed in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Uniform Construction Code.
[Ord. #72-55, §§ 12, 13, 11-27-72]
Every swimming pool hereafter constructed and every swimming pool heretofore constructed shall be completely surrounded with a fence having a minimum height of six (6') feet, with no opening in excess of two (2") inches, unless the openings are provided with locking devices.
[Ord. #72-55, §§ 12, 13, 11-27-72]
Nothing in this chapter shall be held to apply to a portable pool under six (6') feet in diameter or capable of containing six (6") inches or less of water.
[Ord. #72-55, § 16, 11-27-72]
No swimming pool hereafter constructed, erected, changed, converted, altered or enlarged, wholly or partly, in its use or structure in the Township shall be used or occupied in whole or part unless and until a Certificate of Use and Occupancy shall have been issued pursuant to the applicable regulations of the Township. The failure to properly operate a swimming pool shall result in the rescission of such Certificate of Use and Occupancy as required by the Uniform Construction Code.