Township of Cherry Hill, NJ
Camden County
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[Editor's Note: See also Salary Ordinances on file at the Township Offices.]
[Ord. #79-54, § I, 8-13-79]
Pursuant to a request by the Board of Education of the Township of Cherry Hill it is the declared public policy of this Township that all employees of the Board hired subsequent to the effective date of this section shall undergo a criminal history record check including, if necessary to complete the record check, the fingerprinting of applicants. This policy shall also apply to Township officers and employees.
[Ord. #79-54, § III, 8-13-79]
All job applicants, for any office of employment with the Board of Education and the Township of Cherry Hill, shall complete an appropriate "request for criminal history record information" including a security check authorization as an applicant for noncriminal justice employment.
The security check authorization shall indicate that any criminal history record information shall be released to the Township Board of Education or the Township of Cherry Hill.
The completed request form shall be forwarded by the Board of Education to the Township Department of Police and then to the New Jersey State Police, State Bureau of Identification for report.
In the event the Department of Police request it, a job applicant shall be fingerprinted by the Department.
The Department of Police shall advise the Board of Education of the result of the criminal history record check on applicants to the Board of Education.
[Ord. #79-54, § II, 8-13-79]
All information secured as a result of the criminal history record check shall be confidential and shall be released only to appropriate officials and members of the Township Board of Education or the Township of Cherry Hill, involved in reviewing and acting on applications for employment with that Board.
[Ord. #74-22, preamble]
The provision of adequate services to the people of our municipalities is in great measure dependent on the skills and training of municipal officers and employees; and constant changes and technological innovations in all service areas demand continuing in-service training and retraining programs and the upgrading of technical and executive skills. Such training as has been available is fragmented among a variety of agencies and educational institutions, with little or no central coordination or policy focus. The training opportunities available to employees of our municipal governments are inadequate to meet the demand and need; and there is a clear and immediate need for consolidation of resources and central coordination, supervision and planning of training programs for municipal officers and employees of the contracting communities. The Township of Cherry Hill has offered to establish, with the assistance of the State of New Jersey, a program for the development and training of municipal officers and employees. The Senate and General Assembly of the State have enacted an Act entitled the "Interlocal Services Act" (N.J.S.A. 40:8A-1) whereby municipalities may contract among themselves to provide public services.
[Ord. #74-22, § 1]
The Township of Cherry Hill authorizes the appropriate Township officers to execute an agreement with other municipalities to establish and participate in a program for the development and training of municipal officers and employees. A copy of the agreement is on file with the Township Clerk.
[Ord. #74-22, § 2]
The appropriate officers of the Township are authorized to take all additional steps and actions and to expend funds as may be necessary and proper to carry to completion the purpose set forth in the foregoing subsection, and to fulfill the obligations of the Township under the above described agreement.
[Ord. #87-1, preamble, 1-29-87]
By virtue of N.J.S.A. 43:16A-47.1, enacted as Chapter 141, Laws of 1985, Cherry Hill may adopt an ordinance allowing full-time fire fighters to be enrolled in the Police and Firemen's Retirement System, which would entitle the full-time firefighters to receive better benefits than their present pension system; and the Statute sets forth that employer expenses are "...applicable to, and shall be included in the budget of the Fire District in which that fireman is employed" rather than in the municipality.
[Ord. #87-1, § 1, 1-29-87]
The provisions of Chapter 141, Laws of 1985 are adopted.
[Ord. #87-1, § 2, 1-29-87]
The Clerk shall immediately notify the Board of Trustees of the Police and Firemen's Retirement System of New Jersey.
[Ord. #2014-6, 7-14-14]
All full-time employees and elected public officials who receive compensation from the Township of Cherry Hill are mandated to have direct deposit of their compensation as of September 1, 2014 in accordance with Chapter 28 P.L. 2013, as defined under C.52:14-15f (b).
[Ord. #2014-6, 7-14-14]
Seasonal and temporary employees who are employed by the Township of Cherry Hill are exempt from the direct deposit mandate.
[Ord. #2014-6, 7-14-14]
Municipal employees may request, in writing, an exemption from the direct deposit mandate to the Township of Cherry Hill Chief Financial Officer. Such requests will be presented to the Mayor or designee within five (5) business days from the effective eligible date. The Mayor or designee may grant such an exemption in writing and only for good cause.