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Borough of Little Silver, NJ
Monmouth County
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No one shall engage in the business of emptying or cleaning any privy, cesspool or septic tanks in the borough without a license to do so.
Anyone desiring to engage in such business in the borough shall apply to the board of health for the required license and shall pay the license fee herein specified.
An application for a license hereunder shall be in writing, shall be signed and sworn to by the applicant or someone authorized by the applicant to do so and shall contain:
A statement of the number and description of the vehicles to be employed in the conduct of the business in the borough.
A statement of the place of business and the telephone number of the applicant and the name of the person in charge thereof to whom complaint against the applicant, if licensed, may be made and upon whom notice of any proceeding affecting the license may be served.
If the place of business of the applicant is elsewhere than in the borough, a designation of the operator of every such vehicle while within the borough as the agent of the applicant, if licensed, upon whom any such notice may be served, which designation shall be irrevocable so long as the license remains outstanding.
Each license issued under this chapter shall expire on June 30 following its issuance, and shall not be renewed by the board of health except upon application filed with the board not later than the preceding June 1.
Twenty ($20.00) dollars for the operation of the licensed business in the borough is hereby established as the annual license fee.
Every licensee shall, within 48 hours after emptying or cleaning any privy, cesspool or septic tank within the borough, file with the health officer of the board of health a certificate of record. The certificate of record shall be on forms provided by the board of health and shall contain the location of the structure cleaned, the name of the owner or occupant thereof, the date and hours of the performance. The certificate of record shall be deemed to have been filed upon the mailing of same in an envelope addressed to the health officer of the board of health with sufficient postage thereon within the 48-hour period.
A licensee failing to file the necessary certificate of record within the time specified above shall be liable to revocation or suspension of this license. If a license is revoked, the former license holder shall be ineligible for a license hereunder for 12 months following the revocation.