City of Firebaugh, CA
Fresno County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[For Prohibition of Drinking in Public Places (Playgrounds), See Chapter 3, section 3-8.]
[Ord. #348, S1; New; Ord. #98-3, S1]
For purposes of this chapter, the Firebaugh city parks are: 1. The city park located at the corner of 15th Street and "Q" Street in the City of Firebaugh, including all of the public park, the closed portion of 16th Street between the grassy areas of the park and the city baseball park, the city baseball park, the city barbecue area and eating area between the baseball park and the San Joaquin River, the scout building and all of the city property on which the city baseball park is located along "Q" Street adjacent to the Bailey School property; 2. The park located at the north limits of the city bordered by Clyde Fannon Road on the north, the Senior Center Building on the south, Thomas Conboy Avenue on the west and a line on the east delineated by a chain link fence adjoining the soccer field to the south; and 3. The Andrew C. Firebaugh Historical Park located at Avenue 7 1/2 and the San Joaquin River, including all the public park area and the rodeo arena, grandstands, pens, fences, chutes, lights and other rodeo facilities and fixtures.
[Ord. #348, S2; Ord. #351, S2]
The city park shall open to the public at 6:00 a.m. each day of the week of every month of the year. The city park shall close at such hour as determined by the chief of police. The chief of police shall determine a regular closing hour which he may change from time to time. Any change shall be posted at the city hall and shall become effective 10 days thereafter. A schedule of varying hours for different days, weeks or months may be determined as the regular closing hour but in no event shall the park be open later than 12:00 midnight during the months of June, July, August and September of each year or 10:00 p.m. during the remaining months of each year.
[Ord. #348, S3; Ord. #92-5, S2; Ord. #02-04, S1; Ord. #04-08, S1; Ord. #11-02]
Due to limited space and facilities, any organization or group activity must be by permit as provided herein. Conflicting uses are on a first come first serve basis except for community functions, which have priority. Any member of the public or any group thereof that wishes to so use the park for activities during the hours when the park is open shall apply in writing to the city manager for a permit. Application shall be made not less than 15 days prior to the date of the use or activity. Issuance of such a permit shall be under such conditions as the city manager, the police chief and the public works director determines appropriate or necessary to the interest of this chapter or the public health and safety including the requirements of the city's insurer. Issuance of the permit shall not be unreasonably withheld nor shall the conditions be arbitrary or unreasonable. The application for a permit shall state, and the permit (if issued) shall provide for, the following.
The name and address of the person or persons who will be responsible to clean up the portion of the park used by the applicants when they are through using it.
Whether or not alcohol beverages will be consumed in the park during the activity.
The name and address of the person or persons responsible for any damages done to city property while they are using the park.
The applicant or community organization using the park will be responsible for expenses incurred by the police department and city during this function.
Whether dancing, live music, and/or public address systems will be permitted and used. Dancing, live music or public address/sound systems will be permitted until 9:00 p.m. in the enclosed area in Dunkle Park. On Sundays, no music shall be allowed until after noon. Music shall not be obnoxious, offensive, unduly loud, or disturb neighbors.
The responsible person(s) agree that no Styrofoam products will be used during the event, per subsection 19-4.2.
[Ord. #348, S4]
At any time when baseball games or practice are in progress, involving terms of the Little League, Pony or Babe Ruth League, or boys or girls softball games, in which the participants are primarily minors, or any school games of grammar school, junior high school or high school children, no person shall within the confines of the baseball park, including the grandstands and the immediate adjacent areas, possess or consume any alcoholic beverages.
[Ord. #94-4, S1]
As used in this subsection 19-4.1, the term "knives and daggers" shall include any knife, dirk, or dagger or other instrument with or without a handguard that is primarily designed, constructed, or altered to be a stabbing instrument designed to inflict great bodily injury or death and having a blade of 2 1/2 inches or more in length, including any ice pick or similar sharp stabbing tool and any straight-edge razor or any razor blade fitted to a handle.
[Ord. #94-4, S1]
It is unlawful for any person present at any community function (as defined in section 19-5b) to carry concealed on his or her person any knife or other instrument with or without a handguard that has a blade of 2 1/2 inches or more in length and that falls outside the definition of dirk or dagger as used in section 12020 of the Penal Code and as defined in subdivision (c)(24).
[Ord. #94-4, S1]
The provisions of subsection 19-4.1.2 shall not be deemed to prohibit either the carrying of a knife or dagger with a blade less than 2 1/2 inches in length, the incidental handling of knives or daggers that are part of a display or exhibit, the proper use of a knife for the preparation of food by a licensed food vendor, or the carrying of ordinary tools or equipment for use in a lawful occupation or for the purpose of lawful recreation, or where the carrying of a knife or dagger is a recognized religious practice.
[Ord. #11-02]
A trademark for a light plastic material used to make disposable items, insulation, and packaging material. Products commonly produced are plates and cups.
[Ord. #11-02]
In support of the city's efforts in going green and in furtherance to the city's recycling program, no Styrofoam products will be allowed at any city facility during a special event or community function.
[Ord. #348, S5; Ord. #98-3, S2; Ord. #00-03, S1; Ord. #00-09, S1; Ord. #01-02, S1; Ord. #01-03, S1; Ord. #08-04; Ord. #11-02]
As used in this section and in paragraph f of section 3-8 of Chapter 3 of this code:
SPECIAL ACTIVITIES - shall generally mean, but are not limited to, the following:
Organization or group activities involving 10 or more persons.
Any uses unusual to or disruptive of the normal recreational activities associated with the park and park facilities or that limit or inhibit the normal recreational use of the park or park facilities.
Annual Harvest Festival.
Mexican Independence Festival.
Guadalupe Celebration.
Firebaugh Rodeo, dinner dance and other activities related to the Firebaugh Rodeo and approved by city council.
Special function where the city council determines that the activity or celebration is of exceptional interest and benefit.
Annual Joaquin Murrieta Ride.
Firebaugh Police Activities League (PAL) Annual Car Show.
Firebaugh Fire Department Muster. A community function conducted by or under the supervision of the city shall have priority over all other community functions, special activities and other uses of city parks and facilities.
Community functions shall be approved by the city council. If the local organization sponsoring the function is a not-for-profit organization qualified for tax exempt status under Federal and State laws, the city council may waive city fees. A "community function" may include dancing, live music, or use of a public address sound system, or combination thereof, as contemplated by section 19-3 of this chapter. The sales and consumption of beer and wine or other alcoholic beverages may be authorized, as provided in paragraph f of section 3-8 of this code.
[Ord. #348, S1]
A violation of any part of this chapter is hereby declared to be a misdemeanor and upon conviction is liable to the penalty stated in Chapter 1, section 1-5.