Township of Hardwick, NJ
Warren County
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This chapter shall be known as "The Hardwick Nuclear Free Zone Ordinance."
The township committee of Hardwick finds that contamination by radioactive substances interferes with the farming and residential character of the Township of Hardwick and contamination by radioactive substances will have an adverse effect on the health, safety and welfare of the residents and visitors, its businesses, water resources and wildlife in the Township of Hardwick.
The development, production, disposal, storage, deployment, usage, landfilling, fabrication, and destruction of radioactive material in and through the Township of Hardwick is hereby prohibited except as hereinafter provided.
The township attorney is authorized to take appropriate action to enforce the prohibitions contained herein. Said action may include but is not limited to a civil action seeking injunctive relief in any court of competent jurisdiction. In the event the township attorney fails or neglects to so act, any resident (person or corporation) may, by appropriate civil action, enforce the prohibitions contained herein.
The adoption of this chapter is not intended to preclude other actions, either administrative or legal in nature, attempting to enforce the prohibition contained in the chapter. The remedies herein are deemed to be cumulative to any such rights claimed in common law or under statutory or constitutional authority.
The prohibitions contained in this chapter shall not apply to naturally occurring materials containing low, normal or background levels of radiation. This chapter shall not apply to consumer products in general use such as smoke detectors and time pieces. Nor shall it apply to commonly accepted medical uses such as x-rays and pharmaceuticals. This chapter shall not apply to movement for burial or storage elsewhere of radioactive contaminated soil or other materials.