City of Oakdale, CA
Stanislaus County
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(For state law as to police protection in cities, see Gov. C., §§ 38630 to 38638. As to chief of police, see Gov. C., §§ 41600 to 41611. As to authority of chief of police relative to animals and fowl, see § 4-3 of this Code. As to obstructing, resisting, etc. , police officers enforcing animal regulations, see § 4-4. As to arrests, fines and imprisonment, see ch. 5. As to civil defense, see ch. 9. As to motor vehicles and traffic regulations generally, see ch. 18. As to police relief and pension fund, see §§ 22-19 to 22-26. As to storage or deposit of unclaimed property and money, see § 33-2.)
[Ord. No. 342,§§ 1, 2; Ord. No. 935, §§ 1-3.]
The City of Oakdale declares that it desires to qualify to receive aid from the State of California under the provisions of Section 13522, Chapter 1, of Title 4, Part 4, of the California Penal Code.
Pursuant to Section 13510(c), Chapter 1, the City of Oakdale will adhere to standards for recruitment and training established by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST).
Pursuant to Section 13512, Chapter 1, the commission and its representatives may make such inquiries as deemed appropriate by the commission to ascertain that the City of Oakdale's public safety dispatcher personnel adhere to standards for selection and training established by the commission on peace officer standards and training.
For state law as to standards of training for local law enforcement officers, see Pen. C., § 13500 et seq.