Borough of Haworth, NJ
Bergen County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[1984 Code § 6-5.6]
As used in this chapter:
Shall be defined as house trailers, trailers which can be attached to trucks or other propulsion vehicles, self-propelled trailers, trailers alone with or without wheels, mobile or stationary trailers, licensed or unlicensed trailers, construction trailers, animal trailers and all trailers of any size or shape, with or without wheels, used for storage, whether temporary or permanent.
[1984 Code § 6-5.6]
No trailer of any nature or kind shall be permitted to be stored or parked on private or public property in any commercial or business zone as defined in the zoning ordinance, except as hereinafter permitted. It is the intention of this subsection that trailers, as defined above, shall not be used for temporary or permanent storage or occupancy on public or private property, subject to the exceptions hereinafter set forth.
Trailers, whether attached to propulsion vehicles, unattached or self-propelled, shall be permitted to be parked on private or public property for loading or unloading for a period of 24 hours. In the event that such loading may take a longer period of time, application shall be made to the Borough Clerk for a permit for the excess time specifying the estimated time in excess of 24 hours. There shall be no charge for the permit, but in no event shall the permit exceed 48 hours beyond the original 24 hours.
It shall be unlawful for the owner or operator of any self-propelled or drawn vehicle of the type commonly known as a trailer or camp car to park, use, or occupy any such vehicle on any public or private property within the Borough, for living or housekeeping purposes for any period of more than six consecutive hours, without a permit issued by the Health Officer of the Board of Health.
[1984 Code § 6-5.2]
The Health Officer may, in accordance with any rules or regulations adopted by the Board, issue a permit for the parking, use, or occupancy of any vehicle, if, after inspection of the vehicle, it appears to his satisfaction that the maintenance and occupancy will not constitute a menace to the health of the occupants of the vehicle or residents of the Borough.
[1984 Code § 6-5.3]
Upon the issuance of any permit as herein provided, the Board of Health shall receive a fee of $5 to cover the expense of inspection.
[1984 Code § 6-5.4]
No person shall park a house trailer on any property located in a residential zone in the Borough, as residential zones are defined in the zoning ordinance. A house trailer, however, may be parked in a residential zone during the course of short-term visits by the owner of the house trailer with the owner of the property, but in no event may be located upon any property in a residential zone for a longer period than 10 days in any one year; nor shall the house trailer be occupied as living quarters during the visit.
[1984 Code § 6-5]
The location upon any plot in a residential zone of a structure formerly used as a house trailer shall not exclude such structure from the operation of the provisions of this section by reason of the removal of the wheels or the conversion in any manner of such structure to a permanently located building. In no event shall any such structure be deemed to be a dwelling or residence or accessory to a residence within the terms of any ordinance of the Borough.
[Ord. No. 973 § 1]
As used in this section "temporary storage container" shall mean an outdoor container, commonly referred to as "portable on-demand storage" or "POD," and/or a similar container that is not self-propelled but, rather, transported to a particular location by truck and which is used to store home furnishings, furniture and/or personal items on a temporary basis during a time of home construction, repair, renovation or relocation.
[Ord. No. 973 § 1]
No person shall place or allow to be placed upon their property, or upon any premises in any zone within the Borough of Haworth, a temporary storage container unless the owner of the premises has previously obtained a temporary storage container permit from the Borough Clerk in accordance with this section.
[Ord. No. 973 § 1]
An application for a temporary storage container permit shall be in writing, on a form provided by the Borough Clerk, and shall state the following:
Name and address of the owner of the property;
Name and address of the applicant, if other than the owner of the property;
Size (length, width, height and area) of the temporary storage container;
Address and zoning district of the property where the temporary storage container is proposed to be placed;
A statement indicating that the applicant understands and agrees that the temporary storage container is temporary in nature and that the applicant has read and understands the section regulating same;
A survey or site plan of the property shall be included with the application indicating the location of the container.
The application shall be reviewed for completeness by the Borough Clerk, who shall issue or deny the permit within seven business days of filing.
[Ord. No. 973 § 1]
All temporary storage containers shall conform to the following:
The temporary storage container shall not exceed 16 feet in length.
The temporary storage container shall be placed in a location as directed by the Department of Public Works.
The temporary storage container shall not be located within the front yard of any property.
A temporary storage container permit shall not be granted for more than 180 days; however, one 90-day extension may be granted, upon application to the Borough Clerk, but in no case shall more than one extension be granted unless otherwise approved by the Planning Board. After the expiration of the initial permit period, as well as the permitted extension, if additional time is required, the applicant may submit an application to the Planning Board.
The temporary storage container shall be temporary in nature and, unless approved by the Planning Board, no temporary storage container shall be placed or remain on the same premises more than 270 days, cumulatively, within a 12 month period. The start date of the permit period shall be the date of delivery of the temporary storage container to the premises, as shown on the delivery ticket, which must be supplied to the Borough Clerk upon request.
No more than one temporary storage container shall be placed upon any single lot at one time.
[Ord. No. 973 § 1]
There shall be a permit application and review fee of $50 for every application for a temporary storage container permit and/or extension. The fee shall be submitted along with the application, and failure to submit the fee with the application shall be grounds for rejection of the application due to incompleteness.
[Ord. No. 973 § 1]
This section may be enforced by the Borough of Haworth Police Department, Construction Official or any other employee or department of the Borough of Haworth as designated in writing by the Borough Clerk.
[Ord. No. 973 § 1]
Any person, corporation and/or other entity violating or neglecting to comply with any provision of this section shall, upon conviction of the same in the Haworth Municipal Court, be subject to a fine of up to $500. Each and every week such violation or noncompliance exists shall constitute a separate offense and an additional fine shall imposed.