Borough of Allentown, NJ
Monmouth County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[1975 Code § 105-1]
As used in this chapter:
Shall mean a vehicle used to carry passengers for hire but not operating on a fixed route.
[1975 Code § 105-2]
The licensing, regulating and inspecting of taxicabs, the licensing of operators and drivers, as hereinafter provided, and the enforcement of the provisions of this chapter, shall be under the control of the Mayor and Borough Council.
[1975 Code § 105-3]
It shall be unlawful to engage in the business of operating a taxicab in the Borough without having secured a license therefor.
Applications for such license shall be made in writing, in duplicate, to the Borough Clerk and shall state therein:
The name and address of the applicant.
The intended place of business.
The number of taxicabs to be operated, including the serial number, type, color, age, make and seating capacity thereof.
The names and addresses of the president and secretary if the applicant is a corporation.
A complete financial statement of the applicant shall accompany the application.
The number of such licenses outstanding shall not exceed three at any time.
[1975 Code § 105-4]
All applications shall be filed with the Borough Clerk, who shall submit the applications to the Borough Council at the next succeeding meeting for action, and any or all applications may be granted or refused by the vote of the members of the body present at such meeting.
[1975 Code § 105-5]
No such license shall be issued to or held by any person who is not a citizen and of good moral character, nor shall such license be issued to or held by a corporation other than one organized and existing under the laws of the State of New Jersey and maintaining an office in the Borough or within a reasonable distance thereof.
[1975 Code § 105-6; New]
The annual fee, payable in advance, for such license shall be $25 plus $10 for each taxicab operated. Whenever the number of cabs so operated shall be increased during the license year, the licensee shall notify the Borough Clerk of such change and shall pay the additional fee.
[1975 Code § 105-7; New]
No taxicab shall be licensed or operated until it has been inspected and approved for operation by the State Motor Vehicle Department to determine fitness and serviceability for motor vehicle safety. Any taxicab not properly registered and inspected will be suspended from operation.
[1975 Code § 105-8; New]
No taxicab shall be licensed until the owner of the taxicab shall have filed with the Borough Clerk an insurance policy, or a certificate in lieu thereof, of a company duly licensed to transact business under the insurance laws of this State, conditioned for the payment of a sum of not less than $500,000 to satisfy all claims for damages by reason of bodily injuries to or death of any one person resulting from an accident, and a sum of not less than $500,000 to satisfy all claims for damages by reason of bodily injuries to or death of all persons on account of any such accident, and conditioned for the payment of a sum of not less than $100,000 to satisfy all claims for property damage on account of an accident.
[1975 Code § 105-9]
There shall be affixed in every taxicab, in such manner that the same can be conveniently read by any person therein, a card at least three inches in height by five inches in length, containing the name of the owner, the license number of the vehicle and the year of issue.
[1975 Code § 105-13]
The owner and operator of a taxicab business shall give 60 days' notice to the Borough of the discontinuance or stoppage of the taxicab service unless such discontinuance or stoppage is occasioned by court order.
[1975 Code § 105-14]
No license granted hereunder may be sold, assigned, mortgaged or otherwise transferred without the consent of the Borough Council.
[1975 Code § 105-15; New]
No person shall drive a taxicab or be hired or permitted to do so unless he possesses a permit as a taxicab driver as hereinafter provided.
[1975 Code § 105-16; New]
Applications for a taxicab driver's permit shall require the following information:
Full name, age and address of residence.
All places of residence for the preceding five years.
Height, weight and color of eyes and hair.
Place of birth.
Places of employment for the last five years.
Criminal convictions, if any, and their nature, date of conviction and penalty.
The number and expiration date of current New Jersey driver's license.
All applicants for a taxicab driver's permit shall satisfy the following requirements:
Submit a recent doctor's certificate of good health.
Be at least 21 years of age.
Be of good moral character.
Satisfactorily prove familiarity with the ordinances and geography of the Borough.
Supply two character references from persons who are not related to the applicant or associated with the taxicab company or the issuing authority. Such references shall send a letter certifying knowledge of the applicant's background.
Furnish two recent photographs of himself of a size two by two (2 x 2) inches.
Submit to fingerprinting by the Borough Police Department.
Satisfactorily complete a road driving test to be administered by a Borough Police Office.
Be free from any criminal record, local, State or Federal.
Applications shall be approved by the Chairman of the Police Department. Failure to meet any of the above requirements shall be sufficient grounds to reject the application or to revoke a taxicab driver's license. Any false statement on the application or an incomplete application shall also be sufficient grounds to reject the application or to revoke the license.
[1975 Code § 105-17; New]
The annual fee for a taxicab driver's permit shall be $25.
[1975 Code § 105-18]
Upon approval of an application for a taxi driver's permit and the payment of the required fee, the Borough Clerk shall issue a license to the applicant, which shall bear the name, address, age, signature and photograph of the applicant. This license shall not be transferred or used by any person other than the one to whom issued.
Every driver licensed under this chapter shall post his taxi driver's license in such a place as to be in full view of all passengers while such driver is operating a taxicab.
[1975 Code § 105-10]
The schedule of rates and rate zones to be charged by each operator shall be filed with the Borough Clerk and approved by the Borough Council. The schedule of rates may be amended, and upon approval by the Borough Council, shall become binding. Each taxicab licensed under this chapter shall have displayed therein, in a place where the same may be easily observed by passengers, a schedule of rates and rate zones as approved by the Borough Council.
[1975 Code § 105-11]
All persons engaged in the taxicab business in the Borough shall maintain a central place of business and keep the same open 24 hours a day for the purpose of receiving calls and dispatching cabs. They shall answer all calls received by them for service inside the corporate limits of the Borough as soon as they can do so, and if service cannot be rendered within a reasonable time, they shall then notify prospective passengers how long it will be before the call can be answered and give the reason therefor. Any operator who shall refuse to accept a call anywhere in the corporate limits of the Borough at any time when such operator has available cabs, or who shall fail to give overall service, shall be deemed a violator of this chapter, and the license granted shall be revoked at the discretion of the Borough Council.
[1975 Code § 105-12]
It shall be deemed a violation of this chapter to park a taxicab on the public streets, highways, alleys or other public places in the Borough except when engaged in the picking up or discharging of passengers.
[1975 Code § 105-19]
It shall be unlawful for any driver of a taxicab while on duty to drink any intoxicating liquor, use narcotic or habit-producing drugs, use any profane or obscene language, shout or call to prospective passengers or to disturb the peace in any way.
No driver shall permit more persons to be carried in a taxicab than the rated seating capacity of his taxicab.
No person shall be admitted to a taxicab occupied by a passenger without the consent of the passenger.
[1975 Code § 105-20]
It shall be the duty of every driver of a taxicab to obey all traffic rules established by Statute or ordinance. He shall not solicit passengers at the terminal of any other common carrier nor at any intermediate points along any established routes of any other common carrier during hours buses are operating.
[1975 Code § 105-21; New]
It shall be the duty of the driver of any taxicab to accept as a passenger any person who seeks to use the taxicab, provided that such person conducts himself in an orderly manner.
[1975 Code § 105-22]
All licenses issued hereunder shall expire on December 31 annually, unless sooner suspended or revoked.
[1975 Code § 105-23]
All changes of address of the taxicab operator or taxicab driver shall be reported in writing to the Borough Clerk within 24 hours after such change takes place.
[1975 Code § 105-24]
Any license may be revoked or suspended at any time for cause by the Borough Council; provided, however, that the licensee is afforded adequate opportunity to be heard.
[1975 Code § 105-25; New]
Every person found guilty of violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall, upon conviction, be liable to the penalty stated in Chapter 1, Section 1-5.