Borough of Surf City, NJ
Ocean County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 1]
Pools used for swimming or bathing shall be in conformity with the requirements of this chapter. However, these regulations shall not be applicable to any such pool less than 24 inches deep or having a surface area of less than 250 square feet, except when such pools are permanently equipped with a water recirculating system or involve structural materials. For purposes of this chapter pools are classified as private swimming pools or public and semi-public swimming pools as defined hereafter.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 1]
Materials and constructions used in swimming pools shall comply with the applicable requirements of the Borough Building Code.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 1]
Pools used for swimming or bathing and their equipment or accessories which are constructed, installed and maintained in accordance with the applicable standards of such construction in the Borough, shall be deemed to conform to the requirements of the Borough's Building Code.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 2]
Any constructed pool which is used or intended to be used as a swimming pool in connection with a single family residence and available only to the family of the householder and his private guests shall be classified as a private swimming pool.
Any swimming pool other than a private swimming pool shall be classified as a public or semi-public swimming pool.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 3]
No swimming pool or appurtenances thereto shall be constructed, installed, enlarged or altered until a permit has been obtained from the Construction Official. The approval of all Borough, County, and State authorities having jurisdiction over swimming pools shall be obtained before applying to the Construction Official for a permit. Certified copies of these approvals shall be filed as part of the supporting data for the application for the permit.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 4]
Plans shall accurately show dimensions in construction of pools and appurtenances and properly establish distances to lot lines, buildings, walks and fences, details of water supply system, drainage and water disposal systems, and all appurtenances pertaining to the swimming pool. Detailed plans of structures, vertical elevation and sections through the pool showing depth shall be included.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 5; Ord. No. 02-8 § I: Ord. No. 02-11 § I]
Private in ground swimming pools may encroach upon the front, side or rear yards, except that a private inground swimming pool shall not come closer than five feet from any front or rear line of the plot, or reduce the width of either the front or rear yards to be less than five feet, excluding patios and walkways. No private inground swimming pool shall come closer than five feet from any side line of the plot, or reduce the side yards of any lot to be less than five feet on one side and 10 feet on the other side in order to maintain a total combined side yard of 15 feet excluding patios and walkways.
Private above ground swimming pools shall not be required to meet the yard requirements as set forth in paragraph a of this subsection.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 5; Ord. No. 02-08 § I]
The Borough Zoning Ordinance provides that the total square footage of all structures on a given building lot may not exceed 35% of the total square footage of that building lot. Swimming pools, walkways and patios shall not be included in the calculation of 35%.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 6]
The pool structure shall be engineered and designed to withstand the expected forces to which it will be subjected.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 7]
All swimming pools shall be provided with a recirculating skimming device or overflow gutters to remove scum and foreign matter from the surface of the water. Where skimmers are used there shall be at least one skimming device for each 1,000 square feet of surface area or fraction thereof. Where overflow gutters are used, they shall not be less than three inches deep, pitch 1/4 inch per foot to drain, and constructed so they are safe, cleanable and that matter entering the gutters shall not be washed out by a sudden surge of entering water.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 8]
All public or semi-public swimming pools shall have walkways not less than four feet in width extending entirely around the pool. Where curbs or sidewalks are used around any swimming pool, they shall have a nonslip surface for a width of not less than one foot at the edge of the pool and shall be so arranged to prevent return of surface water to the pool.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 9]
One or more means of egress shall be provided from the pool. Treads of steps or ladders shall have a nonslip surface and handrails on both sides, except that handrails may be omitted where there are not more than four steps or when they extend the full width of the side or end of the pool.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 10]
An adequate permanent fence or barrier shall be erected and maintained to prevent accidental entry or unauthorized use of the pool, and particularly entry by a small child. The fence or barrier may be erected so as to completely enclose the pool itself, or that portion of the yard in which the pool is situated or the entire property. The Construction Official shall approve the types and locations of the fence, subject, nevertheless, to substantial compliance with the following standards and regulations:
The fence or barrier shall be adequately supported and shall not be less than four feet nor more than six feet in height.
The fence or barrier shall have not more than two openings for ingress and egress.
Each opening shall have a self-closing gate or door with adequate locking facilities to prevent ingress except by means of a key or combination. Each gate or door shall be locked during such times as the pool is not in use or is unattended. The responsibility of keeping the gate or door locked as hereinabove provided shall be that of the owner or occupant of the property wherein the pool is located.
In granting approval of the fence or barrier the Construction Official shall give due consideration to the adequacy and durability of the proposed fence or barrier to insure the safety and welfare of the general public, particularly of small children, and to the terrain and character of the district with a view to conserving the value of the buildings and land and encouraging the most appropriate use of land in the Borough.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 11]
Lights used to illuminate any swimming pool shall be so arranged and shaded as to reflect light away from the adjoining premises.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 13]
The swimming pool and equipment shall be equipped to be completely emptied of water and the discharged water shall be disposed of in a manner prescribed by the Water and Sewer Department Superintendent.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 14]
All appurtenant structures, installations and equipment, such as showers, dressing rooms, equipment houses or other buildings and structures, including plumbing, heating and air conditioning amongst other appurtenant to a swimming pool shall comply with all applicable requirements of the Basic Building Code, the Zoning Ordinance and all other ordinances of the Borough.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 15]
No overhead electrical conductors shall be installed within 15 feet of any swimming pools. All metal fences, enclosures or railings near or adjacent to swimming pools, to which bathers have access, which may become electrically alive as a result of contact with broken overhead conductors or from any other cause shall be effectively grounded.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 17]
All private swimming pools shall be equipped with at least one life ring, at least 14 inches in diameter with a sufficient length of 1/4 inch manila line firmly attached to each ring. Such equipment shall be properly stored and readily accessible for life saving use in the pool.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 18]
Every outdoor pool constructed pursuant to this chapter shall have a cover sufficient to cover the entire pool area which cover shall be placed over the pool no later than October 15 of any year and shall not be removed sooner than May 15 of the ensuing year. The purpose of this section is to prevent small children from falling into uncovered pools during such period of time when the pool is not in use.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 12]
All public swimming pools shall be provided with a potable water supply free of cross connections with the pool or its equipment, and shall not filter water at a rate in excess of three gallons per minute per square foot once every eight hours. Filters shall not filter water at a rate in excess of three gallons per minute per square foot of surface area. The treatment system shall be so designed and installed to provide in the water at all times when the pool is in use, excess chlorine of not less than 0.4 p.p.m. or more than 0.6 p.p.m., or excess chloramine between 0.7 and 1.0 p.p.m. or disinfection may be provided by another approved means. The hydrogen ion of the pool water shall not be below 7.0 or more than 7.5. All recirculation systems shall be provided with an approved hair and lint strainer installed in the system ahead of the pump.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 12]
Private swimming pools shall be designed and installed so that there is a pool water turnover at least once every 18 hours. Filters shall not filter water at a rate in excess of five gallons per minute per square foot of surface area. The pool owner shall be instructed in proper care and maintenance of the pool by the supplier or builder, including the use of high test calcium hypochlorite (dry chlorine) or sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) or equally effective germicide and algaecide and the importance of proper pH (alkalinity and acidity) control.
[Ord. No. 72-11 § 16]
Should the owner abandon the pool, he shall be required to fill in the depression upon 30 days' written notice from the building inspector.