City of Strafford, MO
Greene County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 883, 5-18-2020]
Park hours shall generally be from daylight until dark.
[Ord. No. 883, 5-18-2020]
It shall be unlawful for any person while on property or in buildings under the operation and control of the City of Strafford Parks to:
Consume or have in his/her possession any alcoholic beverage or other illegal substances.
Conduct himself/herself in an unusually loud or disturbing manner; use threatening, abusive, insulting, indecent, obscene or profane language; harass, annoy, curse at, or intentionally jostle any patron of any public park.
Mark upon, intentionally damage, or impair the usefulness of structures, grass, trees, shrubs, or plants, pavement, sidewalk or roadway.
Attach wires, ropes, placards, notices or other contrivances to any structure, tree, shrub, plant or utility lines without prior written permission of the City of Strafford.
Remove property of the parks without permission of the City of Strafford.
Use any motorized vehicle on sidewalks or trails.
Use or operate skateboards, skates, rollerblades, bicycles, tricycles, battery-powered play vehicles or motor vehicles of any kind upon any sidewalk or trail within the park without adult supervision. None of these are allowed on the spray park surface at any time.
Place any tent, building, booth, stand or other structures temporary or otherwise without the written permission of the City of Strafford.
Discard any wastepaper, dirt, weeds, trash, refuse or other rubbish of any sort except in a receptacle provided.
Throw any object, discharge any chemical or place into any fountain, pool, pond, lake, stream or other body of water any substance, matter or thing which might cause said water to be harmful to persons or things or to give forth objectionable odors or to appear unsightly or otherwise pollute the waters.
Carry, possess or discharge any firearms, pellet gun or pistol, BB gun, fireworks, or other similar device capable of projecting a missile able to inflict harm to persons or animals or to injure property, except Law Enforcement Officers in performance of their duty.
Use a loudspeaker or amplifier without permission of the City of Strafford.
Play a musical instrument that would disrupt others.
Camp on park grounds.
Attempt to move or relocate any benches, chairs or tables outside of designated areas.
Start a fire for cooking purposes or for other purposes within any park except in approved containers.