Township of Scotch Plains, NJ
Union County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 68-10]
"Trailer" and/or "camp car" shall mean any vehicle used or intended to be used as a conveyance upon the public streets or highways and duly licensed as such, and shall include self-propelled and non-self-propelled vehicles so designed, constructed and reconstructed or added to by means of accessories in such a manner as to permit the occupancy thereof as a dwelling or sleeping place for one or more persons and having no foundation other than wheels, jacks or blocks.
"Trailer camp" shall mean any site or tract of land occupied or used by one or more trailers, or camp cars, or available for such occupancy or use, with or without charge, and shall include any building, structure, tent, camp, cottage or enclosure used or intended for use as part of or in connection with such trailer camp.
No person shall park any trailer or camp car on any street in the Township or on any premises other than at duly licensed trailer camps within the limits of the Township, except for the purpose of repair, storage, purchase of supplies or visiting. Any such trailer or camp car undergoing repairs or being stored, the owner, driver or occupant of which is purchasing supplies or visiting, shall not during such period be used by any person as a dwelling or sleeping place unless such trailer camp car is, while used as a dwelling or sleeping place, located at a trailer camp .
No person shall operate a trailer camp without first obtaining a license therefor from the Township council. All applications for license shall be in writing upon blanks to be supplied by the Township and shall give such information as the Township council may deem requisite. All licenses issued shall expire on December 31 of the year in which they are issued and the fee hereinafter charged shall be the same whether the license is issued for a full calendar year or some portion thereof.
Prior to the issuance of any license, the applicant shall also file with the department of health of the Township detailed plans and specifications of the proposed trailer camp, which shall set forth the exact location of the proposed camp, the area thereof and whether or not there are sanitary facilities for the furnishing of water and for sewage disposal. These plans and specifications as to water, sewage disposal and all sanitary conditions shall be approved by and a permit obtained from the department of health prior to the issuance of any such license.
A license fee of one hundred ($100. 00) dollars will be charged for each license which shall be issued by the Township Clerk.
It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation owning, operating or using any such camp or unit therein to remove or cause to have removed, the wheels or similar transporting devices from any tourist, trailer or camp car, or to otherwise permanently affix it to the ground in a manner that would prevent the ready removal of the tourist, trailer or camp car, without first having obtained a permit from the building sub code official of the Township to do so. Any such alteration to any tourist, trailer or camp car as above set forth shall be construed as subjecting the same to the requirements of the BOCA Basic Building Code/1975, and the laws of the State of New Jersey pertaining to a dwelling house.
It shall be the duty of every person, owning, leasing, renting, maintaining, operating, conducting or using a trailer or car camp, or trailer or camp car therein, as herein defined, within the Township, to comply with all the provisions of this chapter and any rules and regulations now or hereafter formulated by the department of health of the Township governing such camps and trailers or camp cars.
Dogs at no time shall be permitted to run at large in any campgrounds .
It shall be the duty of the department of health and the police department to enforce the provisions of this chapter, and for the purpose of securing enforcement thereof, the health officer or other representative of the department of health and the members of the police department shall have the right and are hereby empowered, subject to their detail, to enter upon the premises of any such camp as herein mentioned operated within the Township and to inspect the same and all accommodations connected therewith.
Every campground heretofore or hereafter established shall be provided with means of lighting the same at night and all public water closets and bath units shall be provided with sufficient lighting facilities which shall be kept lighted during the time from one-half hour after sunset until one-half hour before sunrise.
No license issued by virtue of this chapter shall be transferred from place to place, or from person, firm or corporation to person, firm or corporation except upon application to and permission by the Township council.
Any license granted hereunder shall be subject to revocation or suspension by the Township council in the manner following:
A notice shall be served to the person, firm or corporation holding such license, specifying wherein he has failed to comply with the terms hereof and requiring such license holder to appear before the Township council at the time and place therein specified not less than five days after service of the notice, requiring such license holder to show cause at that time and place why the license should not be revoked or suspended. At the time and place mentioned in the notice, the person holding the license shall have the right to appear in person or by counsel and introduce such evidence as he may desire, and the Township council shall confront the license holder with the charges against him, and produce proof thereof, subject to cross-examination, and after the hearing the Township council may, at their discretion, dismiss the charges or revoke or suspend the license.
No trailer or camp car shall be permitted to be established in any R-l, R-2, R-3 or R-3A Zone as provided by the zoning ordinance of the Township, or any of the amendments thereto or supplements thereof.
Any person who shall violate or fail to comply with any of the provisions of this chapter shall, upon conviction, be liable to the penalty as established in Chapter 3, section 3-1.
Every person violating or contributing in any way to the violation of this chapter or any part thereof shall be deemed guilty of a separate offense for each day during which such violation continues and shall be punishable therefor as herein provided.