Village of Oxford, NY
Chenango County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of Oxford 9-6-1988 as L.L. No. 1-1988. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Sewers and sewage disposal — See Ch. 230.
Water — See Ch. 285.
It is hereby declared to be the policy of the Village of Oxford that its municipal wastewater and sanitary sewer facilities presently under construction, and as from time to time expanded and improved, shall be managed in the most efficient manner consistent with sound economy and public advantage so that services of the system can be furnished at the lowest possible cost rather than as a source of income to the village. Further, it is declared that said wastewater and sewer treatment system shall be operated for the use and benefit of those served by it and for the promotion of the welfare and improvement of the health, safety, comfort and convenience of the people of the village served by the facility.
In order to provide such management and operation, the Mayor of the Village of Oxford shall appoint three (3) members who shall serve for terms of one (1), two (2) and three (3) years respectively, and their successors will be appointed for terms of three (3) years. In case of a vacancy for any cause whatsoever, the Mayor shall fill the vacancy for the unexpired term. All Commissioners shall continue to serve until their successors are appointed. No member of said Commission shall be removed except for incompetency or misconduct shown at a public hearing before the Mayor and Village Board upon due notice and upon stated charges. Members of the Board shall serve without compensation but shall be entitled to reimbursement, payable from the operation and maintenance account, for any actual, necessary documented expenses incurred in the performance of their official duties.
It shall be the duty of the Commission to proceed as efficiently as possible in overseeing construction and in the management, operation, maintenance and repair of the wastewater and sanitary sewer facilities of the Village of Oxford (hereafter referred to as the "sewer system"). It shall also be the duty of the Commission to implement needed improvements and extensions to the sewer system as the needs arise.
For this purpose the Commission shall have the authority to assume the duties undertaken by the village on any bond resolutions now or for the financing, acquisition, expansion or improvement of the sewer system and relative to the establishment and maintenance of the funds and accounts as may be provided for in such bond resolutions. The Commission shall have control, care and management of the Sewer System Revenue Fund, the public lands, treatment plants, sanitary sewers and all things and matters pertaining to the sewer system. In addition to the powers and duties which are now or may be, all contracts shall be payable primarily out of sewer system revenues. All such resolutions shall require unanimous approval of the three (3) Commission members.
The acting Village Clerk shall act as Treasurer of the Wastewater Treatment Commission and shall deposit in a separate bank account (or accounts) entitled "Sewer Rent Fund" all moneys received from state aid, sewer operation, sewer rent, rates, fees and other charges of the sewer system and shall not commingle such money with other money or funds of the village. The Treasurer shall keep separate books of account for all sewer system funds and of expenditures therefrom. The Village Board may delegate to the Treasurer the duty of collecting sewer rents, rates, fees, appropriations from general funds and other charges of the sewer system. Because of additional duties imposed on the Village Clerk acting as Treasurer of the sewer system funds, compensation may be paid in an amount determined by the Village Board to be reasonable. This will be in addition to the regular Clerk salary.
A.[1] On or before the first day of March in each fiscal year, the Wastewater Treatment Commission shall adopt and submit to the Village Board an annual budget of the wastewater treatment system. This budget shall include:
An explanation of the operation of the sewage system, including recommendations for improvements and extensions which the Board believes should be implemented within the next five (5) years.
A statement of estimated funds to be received during the coming fiscal year from rents, rates, fees, state aid, appropriations from general fund and other charges of the sewer system ("revenues").
A statement of proposed expenditures itemized as:
Operation and maintenance of sewer plant.
Operation and maintenance of sanitary sewers.
Debt service.
Editor's Note: Amended at time of adoption of Code; see Ch. 1, General Provisions, Art. I.
The above provisions are minimum requirements of the budget report. The Commission may further itemize as it deems advisable. The annual budget must be adopted by a favorable vote of the majority of the Village Board. Upon final adoption, the budget shall be in effect for the ensuing fiscal year.
A copy of each annual budget will be certified by the Village Clerk and filed in the village office. The Chairman and Secretary and any other member of the Commission must approve, in writing, vouchers for all reasonable and necessary expenditures. The Treasurer shall make payments from respective accounts in accordance with such allocations and vouchers. Any moneys drawn out of the sewer fund must be on checks signed by the Village Clerk and the Mayor.
Within sixty (60) days of the end of each fiscal year, an independent audit shall be made by a person or committee designated by the Commission.
The Village Attorney shall be the legal advisor for the Commission providing advice and counsel in the same manner required of him by the Village Board. This shall not limit the Commission in retaining other counsel when or if the Commission feels circumstances warrant it. Compensation will be paid for the additional duties imposed by the Commission in such an amount as is deemed reasonable by both the Commission and the attorney in addition to any money received from the village for other work.
In accordance with provisions of § 452 of the General Municipal Law and the provisions of any bond resolution affecting the sewer system, the Village Board shall prescribe and collect reasonable sewer rates, rentals, fees and other charges for the supply of sewer system services. Such rates and other charges shall be adopted by the Village Board by ordinance, which will also provide the terms and conditions of payment.
The Commission may at any time adopt and submit to the Village Board an amended annual budget for the remainder of the current fiscal year. This must be approved by a majority vote of the Village Board and may increase or decrease the estimate of revenues and the amount to be paid into the operation and maintenance account during the remainder of the current fiscal year.
Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to impair in any way the duty of the village, under the Constitution and statutes of New York State, to pay the principal and interest on any of its bonds and other obligations as the same shall become due and payable.