Village of New Hyde Park, NY
Nassau County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Village of New Hyde Park 2-23-1939 by Ord. No. 14. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Building construction — See Ch. 57.
Numbering of buildings — See Ch. 65.
Demolition permits — See Ch. 71.
Property maintenance — See Ch. 139.
Streets and sidewalks — See Ch. 165.
Trees — See Ch. 185.
Zoning — See Ch. 195.
As used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Includes one or more persons of either sex, natural persons, corporations, partnerships, associations, joint-stock companies, societies and all other entities of any kind capable of being sued.
It shall be unlawful for any person to remove or cause or permit to be removed or to aid or assist in removing any building or structure or part thereof along, over, across or through any street or public place within the corporate limits of the Village of New Hyde Park without first having obtained and paid for and having in full force and effect a permit so to do as hereinafter provided and without thereafter complying with all of the provisions of such permit and this chapter.
Any person desiring to obtain a permit as herein provided shall file with the Building Inspector a written application upon a blank form prepared and provided by the village. Such application shall state the dimensions, estimated value, materials of exterior walls and roof of the building or structure it is proposed to remove, the place from and to which and the route by which the same is to be moved, the time required for and the means to be employed in moving. It shall also state the names and business or residence addresses of the applicant and the owner of the building or structure. It shall be accompanied by the written consent of the Building Inspector to the placing of the building or structure on the proposed location and written statements from all public service corporations whose property may be affected by such moving that satisfactory arrangements have been made with them for the work proposed to be done. Such application shall contain an affidavit that the statements so filed with the Building Inspector comprise all public service corporations whose property may be affected and that such public service corporations will be notified by the applicant at least 24 hours prior the the commencement of such.
The applicant, prior to making the application, shall deposit with the Village Clerk the sum of $150, together with an additional $20 for each 200 feet or fraction thereof the building or structure is to be moved and shall attach the receipt therefor to the application. The Village Clerk shall thereupon direct the Building Inspector to examine the building or structure to determine the strength and value of the same and whether or not on its proposed location it will violate any of the provisions of the Building Code or zoning or other ordinances of the village.
[Amended 10-22-1973]
He shall also direct the Village Engineer to make or cause to be made a survey of the proposed route over which the building or structure is to be moved, such survey to take into consideration the width of the roadways and the condition of the street or streets as regards traffic, wires, trees, railroad tracks or other fixtures liable to be interfered with by the moving of the building.
Upon the completion of such examination and survey, the Building Inspector and Engineer shall report the results thereof to the Village Clerk. The Engineer's report shall include an estimate of the amount of the probable damage to shade trees and other municipal property, as well as an estimate of the cost of removing poles, cross-arms, telegraph, telephone, electric light, police, fire alarm or traffic wires.
The cost of such examination, survey and estimate shall be paid by the village out of the moneys received with the application for the permit, on the written order of the Village Clerk, and the unexpended balance of such moneys, if any, shall, after the building has been moved or the permit refused, be returned to the applicant on the written order of the Village Clerk.
[Amended 12-7-1989 by L.L. No. 3-1989]
Upon the filing of the application and the receipt of the Building Inspector's and Engineer's reports, or upon receipt of a protest, the Village Clerk shall set a time and place for a hearing before the Board of Trustees of such application, not less than 10 days from the date of such filing, and shall immediately cause to be posted, in a conspicuous place upon the lot to which such building is to be moved, a written or printed notice which shall state legibly and plainly that such hearing is to be had upon the date and at the place fixed in the order of such Village Clerk and shall fully state the purpose of such hearing. Such notice shall state substantially all the matters set forth in such application. At the time of such hearing, or at the time to which the same may be adjourned, all persons interested, including the owners of a franchise of a public utility, in, along or across any of the streets or public places over or across which it is proposed to move such building, may appear and object to the granting of such permit. The Village Board may hear such evidence or arguments as may aid it to determine whether or not public interest will be served by the granting of such permit.
[Amended 12-7-1989 by L.L. No. 3-1989]
The Village Clerk, upon the filing of the application, the reports and the bond hereafter prescribed, upon the payment of a fee of $10 and after the hearing, if any, may, at the direction of the Board of Trustees, grant a permit for which application is made. Such permit shall be made in duplicate and shall be signed by the Village Clerk and endorsed as accepted by the applicant. The Village Clerk shall retain the original copy.
The permit shall be issued upon the following conditions:
It shall be with the distinct understanding that whatever damage, if any, done or occasioned to any electric light, telephone, telegraph or other wires strung in such street or to any poles, standards, paving, sidewalks or curbs in such street or to any other appurtenance or thing in such streets by reason of the removing of such building or structure shall be borne by the person to whom this permission is given or the owner of such building or structure, or either of them.
It shall be further hereby expressly agreed by the person soliciting and obtaining the permission or the owner of such building or structure, or either of them, that all claims of every name, nature and kind that may arise or accrue by the removal of such building or structure shall be borne by and liquidated by them, or either of them, and that they, or either of them, will save the Village of New Hyde Park harmless from any claim or damage occasioned by such removal.
All rubbish and material shall be promptly removed and the roadway and sidewalks carefully cleaned, and all provisions of the village ordinance relating to the removal of the buildings shall be strictly and promptly complied with.
At night, one or more lighted flares shall be placed and maintained so as to give sufficient notice of the obstruction. The work of removal shall be done with as great speed as possible.
The permit shall be given subject to police control and revocation at any time by the Board of Trustees.
Before delivery of such permit, the Village Clerk shall require from the applicant a bond to the Village of New Hyde Park, approved as to form by the Village Attorney and in an amount to be fixed by the Village Board, with sufficient surety or sureties or sufficient collateral security to safeguard the public, conditioned for the faithful performance of such work in accordance with the rules and regulations and ordinances of the village and that the person to whom the permit is granted will indemnify and save harmless the village against and from any and all damages, loss, costs, charges or expenses that may be brought against it by any person for or on account of injury to persons or property, including paving, sidewalks or curb, resulting from or by reason of the removal of such building or structure.
The ownership of shade trees along the line of the street is, for the purpose of this chapter, only declared to be vested in the owner of the lot in front of which they stand, subject to the right of control on the part of the village as hereinafter set forth.
No person to whom a permit has been granted shall have the right to break or cut the branches of any tree along the line of the street without the written permission of the owner or to remove or lift any pole or wire, except in the presence of the owner thereof who may, should he see fit, cause the same to be removed or lifted by his own employees at the expense of the person to whom such permit is issued.
Should the owner, of such shade trees refuse to grant permission to cut or remove limbs or branches, the Board of Trustees shall examine or cause to be examined the trees in question, and should it decide that the cutting of the branches is both expedient and necessary, it may fix the amount of compensation to be paid to the owner and, after such amount of compensation shall have been paid by the person to whom the permit is issued, grant a written permit to remove the limbs or branches in question under the supervision of the Village Street Committee.
Whenever any person has received a permit under the provisions of this chapter, he shall give to all public service corporations owning or operating public utilities along or across any of the streets or public places included in the permit written notice of the time when the work of moving is to be commenced. Such notice shall be served at least 24 hours before the proposed time for starting the moving. Upon the receipt of such notice, it shall be the duty of such public service corporations to move, raise or otherwise dispose of their wires or other instrumentalities in such time and manner as will not cause delay to the holder of the permit.
In case any person to whom a permit has been granted shall fail to comply with the terms thereof, such permit shall become null and void, and any and all expenses which may be incurred by the village in restoring the street or public place to its proper condition shall be borne by the permittee.
In case the person to whom a permit is granted shall suffer or permit such building or structure to remain in any public street or place for a longer time than one day after notice from the Village Clerk to remove the same or shall fail to leave the public street or place in as good condition as it was previous to the moving of the building under the permit, any and all expense which may be incurred by the village in removing the building or restoring the public street or place to its proper condition shall be borne by the permittee.
No permit shall be granted for the moving of:
Any building or structure which has for any cause deteriorated more than 50% of its original strength or value.
Any building or structure, the proposed location of the construction of which will violate any provision of the Building Code or the zoning or any other ordinance of the village.
[Amended 11-16-1999 by L.L. No. 4-1999[1]]
A violation of any of the provisions of this chapter is hereby declared to be unlawful and a criminal offense. Each such offense is hereby designated a Class B misdemeanor as defined in Article IIA of Chapter 1 of the Village Code, and every such misdemeanor shall be punishable in accordance with the provisions of Subsections D, E and F of § 1-27 of that article.
Editor's Note: This local law also provided that it would take effect 12-1-1999.