Town of Deerfield, MA
Franklin County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted as indicated in article histories. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Public consumption of alcoholic beverages — See Ch. 57.
Use of firearms by minor — See Ch. 95.
[Adopted as Sections 6 through 11 and 13 of Article VI of the 7-10-1964 Compilation of Bylaws]
No person shall make any indecent figures or write any obscene words upon or deface by marks in any manner any fence, building, sidewalk, crosswalk or ledge in the Town.
No person shall willfully deface or injure any public playground, planting space, flower bed, grass border, guidepost or guide-board, official sign, post or signalling device for the direction of traffic, lamppost or lamp or lantern or any building, fence or monument or other thing situated, erected or made for the use or ornament of the Town.
No person shall throw stones, snowballs, sticks or other missiles, kick a football, play ball or play at any game at which a ball of any kind is used or fly kites on any public way within the Town.
No person shall behave in a rude, disorderly, insolent or insulting manner or make any indecent noise, sound, or gesture in any public way or near any dwelling house in the Town.
No person shall use any indecent, profane, insolent, or insulting language, make any threats, or use any other language tending to create a breach of the peace in any public way or other public place in the Town or within audible distance of any dwelling house or other building therein.
No person shall be or remain upon any sidewalk or upon any doorstep, portico or other projection of any house or building not owned by such person, to the annoyance or disturbance of any person, nor shall persons congregate and loaf upon any such sidewalk or in any public way or other place in the Town.
No person shall stand within the limits of any public way in the Town for the purpose of soliciting a ride from the operator of any vehicle.
[Adopted 4-8-1981 ATM, Art. 36, Section B]
No person shall in violation of MGL c. 272, § 59, or any amendments thereto, linger, continue to sit, stand or occupy any part of the public street, public place, public building or any property not his own or under his control, so as to obstruct or impede the free passage of any other person, after being instructed or directed by a police officer to move on.
Any person refusing to comply with this article, after he shall be requested to do so by a police officer, shall be subject to arrest.
If the identity of such person is unknown to the police officer, such person may be arrested without a warrant and detained until his identity is ascertained, unless a warrant has been issued against him, or he may be further detained until he can be taken before a court having jurisdiction of the offense.
The penalty for any violation of the foregoing sections of this article shall be a fine of not more than twenty-five dollars ($25.).