Buchanan County, VA
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[Adopted by the Board of Supervisors of Buchanan County 12-5-2016. Amendments noted where applicable.]
[In regard to statutory references, unless the County specifically amends the statutory provisions to the contrary or repeals the statutory provisions, future amendments to said statute shall take effect as provided by law.]
The street-naming and property-numbering map entitled "E911 Map of Buchanan County" to "Buchanan County, Virginia-County Road Naming and Property/House Numbering System Reference Maps" dated March 27, 2007, with any and all subsequent modifications, is hereby adopted as the official street-naming, property-numbering (GPIN) map of the County, and all property numbers assigned shall be assigned in accordance with this numbering map. The E911 Director shall be responsible for keeping the street addressing and property-numbering (GPIN) system up to date. However, the Commissioner of Revenue may continue to use the tax map numbering system for assessment and tax purposes with the proviso that such system will be indexed with the GPIN system. The street-naming, property-numbering (GPIN) digital map shall be kept on file in the office of the E911 Director.
To the greatest extent feasible, every road, lane, or other access serving premises or separate parcels of land shall be named, whether public, private, or government maintained. Some mobile home parks and/or apartment developments may be exceptions to this rule depending on the size of the project or the length of interval streets.
Naming of these roads, lanes, or accesses does not constitute recognition as acceptance of the street by the County, nor is it done for any purpose other than as a means of specifying an address for locating a premises.
Every owner of improved property shall, on or before the first day of January, 2017, purchase and display in a conspicuous place on said property or near the entrance the number assigned. The numerals selected should be at least three inches square, set against a background of contrasting color, and located no further than 50 feet from the front property line so as to be visible from and oriented towards the street from which the address is located.
IMPROVED PROPERTY — Includes but is not limited to: residences, buildings, gas wells and associated properties, coal mine property, and any other structures above or below ground for which a state or local agency requires a 911 address or falls within the jurisdiction of the Building Code Official.
All residence and business buildings erected after the adoption of this article shall be assigned a number in accordance with the street-naming, property numbering maps, and shall purchase and display such number as provided.
It shall be the responsibility of the County Planning Commission to assign street names in all future subdivisions approved after the adoption of the ordinance from which this article derived. The Planning Commission must consult with the County Administrator in developing a scheme consistent with the adopted system.
It shall be unlawful for any person to alter, deface, or take down any number placed on any property in accordance with this article, except for repair or replacement of such number.
It shall be the duty of every property owner or occupant or person in charge thereof, upon affixing the new number in accordance with this article and map, to remove any different number used in the past which might be mistaken for or confused with the number assigned to the structure.
It shall be the duty of the of Board of Supervisors for the County immediately upon adoption of this article to file with the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the County a copy of this article and accompanying maps evidencing that the County has established an official street-naming, house-numbering system.
It shall be the responsibility of the County Board of Supervisors to review and act on all petitions for changes in street names which have been officially adopted. Petitions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.